As we say our farewell to 2023 and check our goals for the year to come, many other things come to mind. Such as “Did I accomplish what I had in mind this year?”, “Do I like the person that I’ve become this year? What about the challenges I’ve faced? Did I learn something?”, “Was that show the best money investment and experience of my life?”, “Should I start investing?”, and, most importantly, “What are we having as a 2023 last meal?”

Worry not! All those questions have their answers! And, at COCINA, our mission is to help you with some of them… especially when it comes to food and embracing the new year!

Are you ready for a new era?

3 Amazing Latin Traditions To Welcome The New Year

Latin America is a breathtaking region with a great diversity of traditions, food, and customs. But, there are some rituals, that traverse all the land and ALL Latinxs practice them to welcome the new year in a prosperous, hopeful, and magical way. 

Here are 3 of our favorites for you to take into consideration this year!

1. A Colorful Underwear!

During the last night of the year, what you wear matters! And not only because you wanna look comfortable and nice, but because the colors you choose mean something. 

In Latin America, the color of the underwear you choose to use between the last night of the year and the first is the wish or energy you hope thrives during the year to come. The most popular colors are white (health and peace), pink (love and joy), and yellow (work and fortune).

In many countries, mostly in Brazil, people wear white and throw flowers of those colors previously mentioned to the sea. 

Taking into consideration these colors is a beautiful way to channel great expectations for the year to come! 

2. Walk Around The Block With A Suitcase


Yes. It is as simple as it sounds.

Who doesn’t like to travel? In Latam, in order to manifest more journeys and adventures around the globe, people tend to grab their empty suitcases as soon as the clock hits 00 and cups are raised and walk around the block strolling them. This is a way to channel more trips and there’s no shame in believing that doing so will bring more plain tickets to us!

3.  Clean Your Energies By Throwing The Old Out

This tradition is centered around the idea of “out with the old” and invites people to have a fresh start. Is about cleansing the energies of the house and one’s own. 

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The idea is to put water in a bucket and throw the water out of the door or the window. Water represents the emotional world, the things we hold deeply in our souls. It is always moving. But by throwing away water, you are cleaning yourself and your place of old feelings and inviting new ones to flow in. 

Many traditions involve food as well. Like eating 12 grapes at midnight, signifying good luck for each month of the new year to come, or eating lentils, since in Latin America they are a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. 

And despite including that in your dishes and New Year celebrations to add magic to the table, some recipes may not bring mysticism but delicious experiences indeed! 

Here are 6 dishes that we’ve chosen for you to enjoy every course:



There are many options to open the table on New Year’s Eve. One of our favorites is food! Because, yes, a glass of wine can break the ice, or a game can entertain children and grown-ups, but a great dish? That will conquer appetites and hearts.

Our special selection for this particular occasion are two delicious recipes. Easy to make, fresh, and memorable. One of them is the Ceviche Verde and the other is Colombian Buñuelos. You can try prepping those two for the same night or… one for the last night of 2023 and the other to welcome 2024.

Side Dishes

You may have your protein in mind. A piece of meat, well-seasoned tofu if you are a veggie… but what should those main dishes be accompanied by? There’s nothing that goes best with both options than a Corn and Bean Salad Salsa. It will help you digest the heavy part of the meals but also enchant your palate with the combination of flavors.


Last but not least… which will be your last sweet of the year? We’ll let you choose between two Latin recipes that were trending the whole year. Coconut Beijinhos or Olive Oil Lemon Cake.

Whatever resonates more with you and the meals you have in mind, remember that both dishes are not only easy to make but also a great chance to be prepped among family and friends and have fun tasting the dough.

Ready or not, 2024 is around the corner. So grab those intentions and write them down. Dare to add some magic to your New Year’s Eve table whether is with these delicious dishes, Latinx traditions, or both!


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