Negroni and Fernet con Cola

Treat yourself this weekend to a couple of easy and refreshing cocktails. The Italian Negroni is a popular aperitif in South America, while Fernet con Cola is an original creation from Córdoba, Argentina.

Spicy Avocado Margarita

Need ideas for a green colored cocktail? This spicy avocado margarita is an easy and refreshing tequila drink with a twist.

Narda Lepes Comedor – Episode 2

Cocina follows acclaimed Argentinian Chef Narda Lepes in the days before the official opening in the new four-part docuseries #NardaComedor EPISODE 2 Spotlight, Argentina, buenos aires, comedor, docuseries, Narda Lepes, series, Video, Hero

Empanadas: Everything You Need To Know

By Victoria Freixa Empanadas. One of my favorites. Whether you’re picking one up on the go, or they’re the centerpiece at your next gathering, empanadas have earned their way to elite status in most Latin American hearts. They’re a go-to appetizer for most Latinos and for good reason: they’re delicious, they’re diverse, and they’re portable. […]