It’s 2024. Hi! It’s already here. And you may not like this question, but you MUST answer it. Are you ready to face this new year? YESSS!! We know starting anew may sound difficult, nostalgic, and challenging. But it is also a great opportunity to start writing a new chapter in your life or, even better, take one step closer to the dreams you want to achieve aka build a vision board!

Latin America is known for many things such as its landscapes, cultural variety, different flavors, and joyous and breathtaking traditions. Many of these take place during New Year’s Eve and even when the clock hits midnight. 

So, the year begins and things start rolling. You start looking for a new job, get into the habit of regularly cooking for yourself or even plan a new trip to your favorite city, because: why not? Everything seems like an open possibility to embrace. The future looks bright and it’s smiling on you, but to achieve all those goals you need to start working on them. 

So, the real question is, where should you start? 

Vision Board: How And Why It Became A Must-Do For Dreams To Come True

First things first. What is a vision board? Also known as a dream board, a vision board is a collage of images, photos, and affirmations of one’s aspirations and desires that are meant to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. Also, you do not need to start a new year to make one, you can start whenever you feel like it.

So, how did it start, and why did it become so popular? It began as a business strategy. Big and small companies used to put pictures, quotes, and statistics of where they wanted to be.. And the great news was that they began to see results. In fact, “82% of small business owners who’ve used a vision board since startup say they have accomplished more than half their goals so far,” research shows.

Picturing success is as important as working for it. After all, if you do not believe in your idea, who will? 

Eventually, like any good business idea, society started to adapt it to their own lives, because you do not need to be a business owner to dream about achieving goals or success. And if the numbers are there… is there any harm in trying?

2024 Vision Board We Are Ready For You

Making your dream board is about being honest with yourself and learning to have fun, too. There are many ways to start one, so here are some ideas for you to take your first steps on it or try a new approach!

Make a list of the things you want for yourself this year. Everything is valid. Journeys, a change of scenery, adopt a pet, start incorporating new habits, become a vegetarian, whatever comes to mind. Write everything down. 

Go analogic or go home! Kidding. But although you can make a virtual vision board, there’s more fun in making one the old way. So grab that white cardboard and start printing and pasting images that represent the list you’ve previously created. Remember you do not need only pictures of places or cute animals, you can also include inspirational quotes or words. After all, it’s your vision board, your dreams, you make the rules. 

Make it a ritual thing! We all have desires we want to accomplish in 2024, so why work on them alone? Make it a ritual thing and the perfect excuse to gather with your friends or family and have fun, some drinks, and delicious food, while building your board. 

Once it’s dried and ready, put it in a place where you can see it every day. It will motivate you to at least work on one thing to help you to be closer to those goals. It will also give you hope when you feel defeated (yes, you will have bad days this year, too). 

Visualizing what you want to achieve is part of the work. Then, you’ll have to go out to the world and work for those dreams of yours. Good days, bad days, unforgettable moments, love and support, and challenges, will walk down the path with you. And whatever you are celebrating or just ending a blue day, look at that board. You are also working towards your goals. 

Hello New Year, we’ve been waiting for you.


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