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Enjoy this pitcher of Clericot for your New Year’s Eve Party, a classic for the holidays in the Southern Hemisphere!

Royal Prestige Royal Split

In this hot season there is nothing better than preparing homemade ice cream, with all the vitamins and the taste of fruit.

Fruit Summer Punch

Refresh yourself this summer with this easy and delightful fruit punch. Add any of your favorite fruits!

Quiz: Is this a fruit or a veggie?

An age old schoolhouse trick was asking an unsuspecting friend if they thought a tomato was a vegetable. Of course they said it was, thus opening the opportunity for an emphatic, embarrassing, and always funny response of ‘WRONG.’ Yes, kids can be cruel, but, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something inherently interesting about the differences […]

Mexican “Botanas”

Here in America, people have a very close and fanatic relationship with their party snacks. In fact, perhaps the most ubiquitous option comes from Latin influence in the form of a mountain of tortilla chips, salty meat, olives, onions, cheese, and topped with guacamole and sour cream. Also known as nachos. Mexico has a rich […]

Chile Caramel Apples

Reinvent your candy apples with a spicy touch and a layer of black caramel. Kids and adults will love them equally!