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Cinco Finger Foods for Your Cinco de Mayo Party at Home

By Victoria Freixa This year it’s all about staying home. You can have a small party at home! There’s nothing like Cinco de Mayo to bring the Mexican out of nearly everyone in America. It’s also a brilliant excuse to drink before 5pm and bring your family together… Best of all, this holiday gives us […]

Ceviche Verde

Ceviche is an ancient staple of Latin food, with records showing versions of it were prepared before the arrival of the Spaniards to the continent.

Easy, Healthy Recipes for Two

Easy, Healthy Recipes for Two by Alex Tabar THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY MAZOLA© How many people do you usually cook for? Many people think it’s easier to cook for a whole family, while for others cooking for one keeps them stress-free. But what happens when it’s time to cook for two? For many couples […]

5 Finger Foods for Your Super Bowl Party

By Victoria Freixa While the classic ‘chips and dip’ are always a goody, and guaranteed to satisfy, why not get creative? Thankfully, Latin Americans have done the hard part for us and they’ve come up with some of the most delicious and simple nibble-foods for every kind of gathering. Here’s five of our favorite Latin-inspired […]

Los Balcones

Los Angeles City Guide: Los Balcones Looking for a great and authentic Peruvian ceviche in the city of angels? Craving some Pisco Sour and a Lomo Saltado? We got you covered. We visited our friends from Los Balcones in Hollywood to learn more about their signature dishes. Visit Los Balcones on 1360 Vine Street, Los […]

Different food at different altitudes in Peru

Peru is home to some of the most extreme variations in environment and climate on the entire planet. From sea level to Machu Picchu, there is a complex tapestry of microclimates, temperature changes, and soil conditions that have given life to a wide variety of crops, animals, and most importantly, cuisine. Depending on where you […]

Romantic Menu Ideas for a Latin Dinner

Preparing a romantic dinner doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Surprise your loved one with a creative menu to celebrate a special date, and given the exquisite variety of Latin American cuisine, you both are in for a treat! Meat, fish, rice or salads, paired with great wine, a delicious dessert and beautiful decoration, […]

Vegan Ceviche

Ceviche all year long! Try this vegan version, a bowl full of vegetable deliciousness and nutrition.

Five dishes for the newly wed

Being newly wed doesn’t mean the same thing today as it did even a decade ago. There used to be an expectation that marriage signified a massive domestic milestone where things settle down and gear up for a future of bunt cakes and racks of lamb. This isn’t necessarily the case anymore. Marriage, of course, […]

The Influence of Latin Food in the World

From the ‘asado’ in Argentina to the fresh ceviche in Peru, the influences of Latin American cuisine can be felt throughout the whole world. Of course, it’s a journey that doesn’t just start in South and Central America. While much of Latin food revolves around the sourcing of local fruits, vegetables, and proteins, there also […]

5 Can’t Miss Peruvian Dishes for Foodies

For this writer, Peru is home to the absolute best food Latin America has to offer. It almost effortlessly mixes the land with the sea to create a balanced and varied menu that ranges from ceviche to slow-cooked chicken and everything in between. Peruvian food is heavily influenced by European food, but infuses that foundation […]