Preparing a romantic dinner doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Surprise your loved one with a creative menu to celebrate a special date, and given the exquisite variety of Latin American cuisine, you both are in for a treat!

Meat, fish, rice or salads, paired with great wine, a delicious dessert and beautiful decoration, could ensure that your romantic night is a success. Here are some delicious ideas for a night to remember:


tostones min 1 - Cocina

Tostones, or patacones, as they are also called, are a mouthwatering appetizer that never fails. Crispy, salty slices of fried green plantain can be paired with a dip made with natural yogurt, mayonnaise, cilantro, garlic and a touch of lemon. A very simple but succulent start to a great dinner.

Peruvian Ceviche

ceviche1 min 1 - Cocina

One of the most representative recipes of Peruvian cuisine is ceviche, a delicacy that’s easy to prepare, really tasty and healthy. There are many variations of ceviche, but the protagonist of this dish is usually white fish, cut into small cubes and mixed with finely cut red onion, chili, cilantro, lemon juice and salt. With its explosive combination of flavors, no wonder ceviche is one of the most popular Latin American dishes around the world.

Shrimp Soup

shrimp min 3 - Cocina

Shrimp Soup or Chiclayo, is a traditional dish of the western coast of Peru. With shrimp as the main ingredient, this soup is seasoned with tomato and hot chili peppers and thickened with vegetables like corn, yucca and potatoes, in addition to rice, which gives it its consistency. A hearty and rich dish that will surely delight your loved one!

Sweet Plantain and Beef Pie (Pastelón)

pastelon dupree 2 min - Cocina

Photo by Greg Dupree

A classic of the Caribbean islands. Sweet Plantain and Beef Pie mixes sweet and savory flavors in a single dish. Layers of boiled and mashed sweet plantains are arranged in a pie dish alternating minced beef and plenty of cheese. As the dish cooks in the oven, the flavor of the beef and saltiness of the cheese melt over the sweet plantains, turning it into a mouthwatering sweet and savory sensation!

Coconut Flan

coconut flan min - Cocina

A perfect and light dessert to end a special evening. You don’t have to be an expert cook to prepare flan, as you will see with this sumptuous coconut variety. Just mix together eggs, condensed milk, whole milk, grated coconut and caramelize sugar in a pan, for a lovely contrast to the flan’s creamy flavor. Soon you’ll both be traveling to the Caribbean islands, without leaving the dinner table!

Find a variation of this recipe here. 

by Alex Tabar & Jose V. Arcieri


Red Chilaquiles

For the perfect red chilaquiles, the trick to crispy, crunchy, never-soggy tortilla chips is to cook them in an oil with a high-smoke point.


Just Right Cocktail

Prepare this delightful combination of vodka with rosemary and a little spice from serrano chile.

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