Beyond what your regular frat boy may think 😉, Cinco de Mayo is not an excuse to start drinking tequila at noon (we’re not judging, nor are we quitting brunch mimosas either). This date is a celebration that not only reminds us of the important victory of the Mexican army against the French invasion (what we now know as the Battle of Puebla), but is also an excellent time to honor incredible Mexican cultural and culinary traditions.

Eating the delicious dishes is the easy part, but coming up with fun, easy-to-make snacks can be harder than you think.
While the classic ‘chips and dip’ are always good, and guaranteed to satisfy, let’s get creative!

Here’s five of our favorite Mexican-inspired party snacks that will make a real fiesta out of your Cinco de Mayo.


Enchiladas are a Mexican classic and there are plenty of reasons why. But a lesser known option are enchilada bites. You get all the perks of homemade enchiladas, without all the fuss of forks and plates.

Small scoop-shaped chips (corn or flour) topped with enchilada sauce-soaked shredded chicken and melted cheese on top. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Add your own spice and flavor to the mix and fancy them up to your liking and enjoy. 


guac1 - Cocina

This take on the Mexican favorite is sure to put a smile on every face. Flautas are already a fan favorite, but make them bite-size and pair them with guacamole and “…we have a winner, folks!” Whether your party is a beef flauta type of shindig or a chicken flauta type of affair, that choice is entirely up to you. We won’t judge either way. (*cough* BEEF!)But what makes this dish note-worthy is the guacamole. Guac is already a Cinco de Mayo ‘must-have,’ but flautas make the best guac-to-mouth transport—they’ll beat out a tortilla chip any day. Now your biggest concern will be making sure you’ve made enough.


ceviche - Cocina

Ceviche is an absolute contender for the top spot on the COCINA’s list for “tasty AND healthy food”. 

Mexican chefs have put their own spin on a delicious Peruvian classic, making it taste like an indulgence. With its perfect balance of spice, acidity, and freshness, all you need is homemade corn tortilla chips or tostadas to make this a quick-bite finger food perfect for party time.


nachos 1 - Cocina

Moving on to “carne asada.” Whoever had the idea to put meat and cheese on tortilla chips deserves a Nobel prize. But carne asada kicks the loaded nacho idea up a notch. The same savory and flavorful nachos you love, with a sophisticated twist. Not to mention, the nacho must-have: CHEESE.It’s simple, yummy, and ingenious. You decide on the additional toppings, you decide how cheesy, and you decide how asada-y (not a real word but it should be). The best part about this recipe is that it requires very little thought or effort, but the finished product would suggest otherwise.


churros 1 - Cocina

How could we forget about dessert? Nom nom! Aside from booze, satisfying your guests’ sweet teeth is probably the most important part of a proper party. Churros are arguably an artform. Warm, sweet, soft, with that cinnamon kick. They’ve got it going on. But dip them in a subtle coconut sauce and it’s a game changer. 

The idea is minimal in its preparation, but the level of creativity in this dessert is in your hands. You can stuff them, pair them with your own yummy sauce, or serve them plain… no matter what, churros never disappoint. Get wild with them or keep it simple. 

There you have it— five finger foods for your Cinco de Mayo party. Which one are you going to make?


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