Mexican Posadas are a yearly Christmas tradition that is celebrated throughout Latin and North America. Let’s talk about the most important and looked forward to aspect of the Posadas: the food.

Food is something that brings people together in joy and harmony, especially around the holidays. It’s the one time of year we can stuff our faces with rich, warm soul food and not even feel a little bit bad about it. Las posadas food and drinks are always abundant, with some of the tastiest traditional dishes of all the Holiday season.

Here is the best Mexican Posadas’ traditional food.

The Heart of Mexican Posadas: the Tamales

Tamales, a traditional Mexican posada dish

Tamales, a traditional Mexican posada dish

Tamales are enjoyed year round in Latin America, but the making and serving of them around Christmas time and Mexican Posadas hold special meaning. It represents the bringing together of family and friends to share in a labor of love, assembling and rolling dozens of tamales to be enjoyed by the entire neighborhood.

A tamale is a traditional Mexican food made from masa and steamed in corn husks. Masa is made from ground corn and lard, and can be particularly difficult to make just right. The tamales can be filled with cheese, shredded meat, and will sometimes have an olive at the center.

The ones you can always count on in a Mexican Posada: Pambazos

pambazos min - Cocina

In addition to having a name that’s impossibly fun to say over and over, pambazos pack quite a flavor explosion as well. They are a Mexican white bread that is often made into sandwiches, or tortas, on the Posadas.

It is a sturdy bread made from flour, egg, and lard, and is meant to hold up to saucy sandwich fillings like papas con chorizo and traditional red guajillo pepper sauce. Pambazos are served on the Posadas, but can also be found throughout the streets of Mexico City at all times of the year. You certainly don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a good sandwich.

Mexican Posada sugar rush: Churros

Churros, one of our favorite sweets among the Mexican Posadas food

Churros, one of our favorite sweets among the Mexican Posadas food

Made famous by county fairs and Disneyland in America, Churros are a doughy dessert that originated in Mexico. They are made from an extruded tube of sweet dough that is deep fried and covered in a devilishly good mixture of cinnamon and sugar. They are a sweet treat that is as ingrained into the Mexican Posadas as the tradition itself. If there’s one thing that will pull your children away from the plethora of piñatas its the smell of a freshly fried churro.

Mexican Posada done light (but not that light): Ensalada de Nochebuena

salad min 1 - Cocina

This colorful dish, which translates to ‘salad of the good night,’ has a contemporary twist that can give your Posadas food a bit of a modern facelift. It is most traditionally made with beets and lettuce, but can contain other bright fruits like apples, oranges, and even pineapple.

There are plenty of things you’ll be eating on the Posadas that would not rank up there with the lightest of foods, but this salad will give your stomach a much needed break, while tasting great and impressing guests all at the same time.

A spicy Mexican Posada is a great posada: Pozole

Pozole, the soul of Mexican Posadas

Pozole, the soul of Mexican Posadas

Hominy is at the center of this spicy, savory holiday favorite. Pozole is a Mexican stew made from chicken or pork mixed with chili spices and garlic. But all this goodness together revolves around the hominy, which is a robust corn product common in Latin American cuisine.

Pozole can make even the coldest nights feel warm and cozy. It is a point of pride for any Mexican home chef and each recipe is just a little bit different. Whoever’s house you end up on at Posadas, be sure to keep an eye out for a bubbling, piping hot pot of pozole stewing on the stovetop.



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