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Salsa de Pepita

Try this recipe from Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula that is easy enough to make with the kids.

Salad Revolution

Salads have changed a lot in the past couple of decades, going well beyond the traditional composition of a few sad chunks of iceberg lettuce topped with boxed croutons, shaved carrots, and gooey globs of blue cheese dressing. The salad world has evolved to great heights and these four recipes prove it. Side salad, no […]

New Twists on Traditional Dishes

THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY MAZOLA© We all have those go-to recipes that we know and love. They’re comfortable, make our tummies happy, and by now, we can probably make them with our eyes closed. Whether they were passed down from generation to generation or our very own tried-and-true originals, they’re considered traditional dishes in […]

8 Latin Dishes You’ll Love if you are a Vegetarian

Plant-based recipes and meat-free diets, for health and lifestyle reasons, are gaining popularity among Latinos every day, challenging the myth that Latinos can’t be vegetarians. If you decided to try a meatless diet, or simply want to enjoy a plant-based dish, it won’t be difficult to find ideas among the innumerable and exquisite vegetarian options […]

Quiz: Is this a fruit or a veggie?

An age old schoolhouse trick was asking an unsuspecting friend if they thought a tomato was a vegetable. Of course they said it was, thus opening the opportunity for an emphatic, embarrassing, and always funny response of ‘WRONG.’ Yes, kids can be cruel, but, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something inherently interesting about the differences […]

Best Farmers’ Markets in the US

Best Farmers’ Markets in the US, and How to Find Them Although farmers’ markets have been around since human beings developed the ability to grow things, their popularity in the United States had been previously eclipsed by the convenience and consistency of the almighty grocery store. However, the past decade has seen a steep rise […]

5 Vegan Recipes with Latin Inspiration

Vegan eating has undergone a revolution in the past decade as more and more people gravitate towards a diet that favors plant-based foods and a moral stance against any animal or animal-produced products. Today, vegans have more options than ever when it comes to food that both tastes incredible and aligns with their beliefs. Latin […]

Latin Recipes that are 100% Paleo

A new year means a renewed focus on doing what’s right for our bodies in the wake of indulgent holiday meals and late-night libations. If you’re looking for a new diet to wrap your healthy ambitions around, you could do a lot worse than taking on paleo. To put it simply, the paleo diet is […]