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Tequila Mimosa

Tequila and champagne, who knew they’d get along so well? Serve this version of a mimosa to your guests to welcome the new year.

These 4 Simple Tricks Will Help You Shop For Tequila Like a Pro

In today’s evolved tequila scene where searching for that “100% Agave” stamp of approval is almost common knowledge, we can all use a few tips and tricks when staring blankly at the dozens of tequilas that we all have to choose from. Here are a few guidelines that will hopefully make the process of choosing […]

A Guide to Latin Spirits

Typical Latin American Liquors At the heart of every Latin American culture is a drink that defines the late night, early morning vibrato of the people who live there. These spirits tell a story that goes deeper than a quick way to relax, get buzzed, and have fun (though there is certainly that, as well). […]