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Red Chile Tortillas

Make these pretty, orange-colored tortillas that are made with red chile sauce in honor of Día de Los Muertos.

Healthy Alternatives to Your Latin Favorites

​Healthy eating isn’t exactly my number one hobby, and I think most people would agree with me on this one— especially in the face of Taco Tuesday or Pizza Fridays. Or how about when your conniving co-worker brings in delicious donuts for no freaking reason other than to torture you? Or maybe just to be […]

5 Latin Breakfast Ideas for your Next Sunday Brunch

Let’s talk about the most important meal of the day for a moment. It has the power to turn a bad morning into a beautiful day if you do it right, but skipping it can have dire consequences (ie: hanger), so let’s just not. And there’s really no better way to enjoy the first meal […]

Easy Latin Recipes For Young Cooks to Master

The idea of giving a twelve year old a sharp knife, boiling oil, and a meat tenderizer in the name of teaching them how to cook is certainly a precarious one. However, handing down the traditions of food culture to your children is one of the most sacred gifts a parent can give, and getting […]

These Latinos Are Adding Sazón to Vegan Food

By Javier Cabral Contrary to what your local taquero might have you believe, Mexican cuisine is one of the most accidentally vegetarian cuisines there is on the planet. Beyond the carne asada, chorizo, birria, carnitas, and al pastor lies its meat-free buildings blocks: beans, tortillas, chiles, nuts, cacao, and many more wholesome vegetables that are […]

The Secret Ingredient That Makes Your Favorite Gourmet Taco So Damn Good

Wesley Avila of Guerrilla Tacos has become the posterchild of Los Angeles’ dining scene for his edgy street tacos that are taken as seriously as a nice meal at a fine dining restaurant. He’s loved by native Angelenos, transplants, and chefs alike. What makes his tacos so damn addictive? All the butter. Well, besides his […]