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Al Ajillo Shrimp

This delicious and easy recipe is a Spanish classic that can be enjoyed as an appetizer, or try it with saffron rice or pasta for a full meal!

Simple, Quick and Delicious Tapas

Are you looking for an original dinner idea? Do you want to surprise your guests with some easy and delicious bites that go well with a refreshing beer or a glass of wine? Then tapas are your best option! The origin of these appetizers is unknown, but several accounts point to Spain, a country where […]

Spanish Tapas

The latest culinary phenomenon to sweep the US is one that pits a group of restaurant-goers against an eclectic menu of delicious Spanish small plates, also known as “tapas.” It’s an experience that promotes collaboration, sharing, and a colorful arrangement of bite-size tastes that take people on a flavor-journey through Spain. Tapas have become popular […]