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5 Finger Foods for Your Super Bowl Party

By Victoria Freixa While the classic ‘chips and dip’ are always a goody, and guaranteed to satisfy, why not get creative? Thankfully, Latin Americans have done the hard part for us and they’ve come up with some of the most delicious and simple nibble-foods for every kind of gathering. Here’s five of our favorite Latin-inspired […]

The Perfect Menu to Surprise Your Friends with a Mexican Party

Any excuse is good for spending time with friends, but when the “excuse” is called Mexican party, things gets better and the chances of your party being a success will multiply. It’s no secret that Mexican food is exquisite, and choosing from its wide variety of dishes can be a great pleasure. Here are some […]

World Cup Party Ideas: Mexico Edition

On this episode of the ‘World Cup Party Ideas’ series, we bring to you, none other than, our beloved MEXICO! Often imitated, never duplicated. The kings of party-perfect foods. Masters of the kitchen. Okay, okay, I’m sure you get the gist. They’re pretty good at what they do with food, and they’re not so shabby […]

World Cup Party Ideas: Peru Edition

Staying true to our most current trend and recent food blog, we’re bringing you another edition of our Latin-based ideas for your World Cup gathering. We hope to inspire you to stray away from the same ol’ sporting event party plates, like chips and dip, and to get creative with some more appropriately themed selections. […]

World Cup Party Ideas: Brazil Edition

There is really only one sporting event that unites the entire Latino community, whether friends or foes. It lights the fire of passion within every Latino’s heart— from young to old, from male to female, from Mexican to Argentinean. And the sporting event I’m referring to, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than the World […]

Meat and Cheese Tray

Happiness and food are better when shared with friends. Try this delicious meat and cheese tray.

How Well Do You Know Your Latin Snacks?

How Well Do You Know Your Latin Snacks? PUPUSAS Incredibly, these pockets full of goodness have been around for 2,000 years. First made by the Pipil tribes of EL SALVADOR, Pupusas are easily recognized as the national food of El Salvador—and have been so for centuries. The variations of these cheese-stuffed corn tortillas are endless. […]

Mexican “Botanas”

Here in America, people have a very close and fanatic relationship with their party snacks. In fact, perhaps the most ubiquitous option comes from Latin influence in the form of a mountain of tortilla chips, salty meat, olives, onions, cheese, and topped with guacamole and sour cream. Also known as nachos. Mexico has a rich […]

Get Crazy With Your Guacamole With These Five Tasty Variations

Classic guacamole is perfect as is but if you are looking to get crazy with it, we’ve collected a few of our favorite variations that highlight guacamole in all its various forms. While the basic ingredients of guacamole remain written in stone (avocado, lemon, salt, tomato, onion, pepper), creative chefs and home cooks have added their […]

Break the Monotony of Quesadillas by Adding These Delicious Ingredients

Corn tortillas are the glue that binds all the different flavors and varieties of Mexican cuisine together. Just about any dish in the massive repertoire of culinary masterpieces that the Latin American country has gifted the world feature tortillas. Fried, baked, steamed, wrapped, griddled, or grilled, there is a tortilla preparation for every mood. Tortillas are […]

Can you guess where these breads are from?

Latin America’s Hidden Culinary Secret: Bread For all the bad press the nutrition and gluten-free world has heaped upon the carbohydrate industry over the past decade, one fact remains clear: Bread is here to stay, folks. Nothing will ever rival the unadulterated pleasure that comes with sinking your teeth into a freshly baked slice of […]