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Seafood Cazuela

This delightful seafood cazuela is inspired by the Spanish paella, a version commonly found in many Latin countries like Peru, Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

Mexican Protein Bowl

Pack a punch of protein to start the week with this easy and flavorful Mexican-style bowl.

Chicha Venezolana

Try this sweet and creamy traditional rice drink, a classic from Venezuela.

Hoppin’ Juan Salad

Start the year with a healthy and low-calorie Hoppin’ John salad, with cilantro cream for a Latin twist.

New Twists on Traditional Dishes

THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY MAZOLA© We all have those go-to recipes that we know and love. They’re comfortable, make our tummies happy, and by now, we can probably make them with our eyes closed. Whether they were passed down from generation to generation or our very own tried-and-true originals, they’re considered traditional dishes in […]

Quinoa Rice Pilaf

This fragrant rice pilaf is a delicious and healthy dish that can be enjoyed on its own or as an easy side.

The Most Delicious Rice Dishes of Latin America

Historically, rice has been a staple of Latin American gastronomy since its arrival to our continent, with endless recipes that vary depending on the country and culture. Whether served as a main or side dish, rice is a must have ingredient at our table. Take a look at some of the most delicious rice dishes […]

Black Arroz con Leche

This gorgeous and healthy version of the classic arroz con leche, the Latin rice pudding, is a signature dish of our guest Chef Jocelyn Ramirez​ from Todo Verde​.

Rice, rice and more rice!

Rice is the most widely consumed food in the world. After corn, it is the most produced cereal grain globally, and prepared by one third of the planet’s population on a regular basis. It is the foundational ingredient in culinary cultures from South America to the Far East, and has undergone as many adaptations as […]

Brazilian Shrimp Stew

This rich, creamy shrimp stew served in a roasted pumpkin makes the ultimate centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.