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Different food at different altitudes in Peru

Peru is home to some of the most extreme variations in environment and climate on the entire planet. From sea level to Machu Picchu, there is a complex tapestry of microclimates, temperature changes, and soil conditions that have given life to a wide variety of crops, animals, and most importantly, cuisine. Depending on where you […]

Huancaína Potatoes

Learn how to make this delicious typical Peruvian appetizer, popular in Lima and the rest of Latin America.

5 Can’t Miss Peruvian Dishes for Foodies

For this writer, Peru is home to the absolute best food Latin America has to offer. It almost effortlessly mixes the land with the sea to create a balanced and varied menu that ranges from ceviche to slow-cooked chicken and everything in between. Peruvian food is heavily influenced by European food, but infuses that foundation […]