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Suspiro Limeño

Enjoy the last days of summer with this delicious and classic Peruvian dessert.

Los Balcones

Los Angeles City Guide: Los Balcones Looking for a great and authentic Peruvian ceviche in the city of angels? Craving some Pisco Sour and a Lomo Saltado? We got you covered. We visited our friends from Los Balcones in Hollywood to learn more about their signature dishes. Visit Los Balcones on 1360 Vine Street, Los […]

Different food at different altitudes in Peru

Peru is home to some of the most extreme variations in environment and climate on the entire planet. From sea level to Machu Picchu, there is a complex tapestry of microclimates, temperature changes, and soil conditions that have given life to a wide variety of crops, animals, and most importantly, cuisine. Depending on where you […]

Pisco Sour

Prepare this classic cocktail from South America, the perfect way to open the appetite for a feast of Latin food.

These Four Ingredients Are the Building Blocks of Peruvian Cuisine

Peruvian food is regarded as one of the most sophisticated cuisines in South America. Its food is a mix of indigenous influences from the Incas and cuisines brought from European and Asian migrations. This includes natively grown cereals, grains, herbs, and root vegetables cultivated in the Andes. Peruvian food has been a favorite for many, but […]