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Cheat Sheet: The Mexican Chile

Let’s start this story with a public service announcement: It is chiles, not chilies. Chilli is the hearty bean dish from Texas and chile refers to the fruit of the plants that pertain to the capsicum family. They are the secret weapon that makes Mexican cuisine one of the greatest in the world. They add […]

Cinco Finger Foods for Your Cinco de Mayo Party at Home

By Victoria Freixa This year it’s all about staying home. You can have a small party at home! There’s nothing like Cinco de Mayo to bring the Mexican out of nearly everyone in America. It’s also a brilliant excuse to drink before 5pm and bring your family together… Best of all, this holiday gives us […]

Mexican Protein Bowl

Pack a punch of protein to start the week with this easy and flavorful Mexican-style bowl.

5 Essential Kitchen Tools to Up Your Mexican Food Cooking Game

Cooking is not difficult. Look for a recipe, commit to it, get the ingredients, and head back home to whip it all up. (Note: It is especially not difficult when drinking a glass of wine or cold beer while doing it.) However, there are things that one can do to facilitate the process and a […]


Our guest chef Ted Montoya indulges our tastebuds with this easy and mouthwatering recipe for esquite, the famous and delicious Mexican street food.

Roasted Poblano Salsa

A classic salsa that will spice up any of your favorite Mexican dishes, and good enough to enjoy by itself!

Mexican Hot Chocolate

There’s no better drink to warm you up these cold winter days than this creamy, sweet and spicy Mexican hot chocolate.

Zucchini con Queso

The amazing Bricia Lopez shares a recipe for an easy and healthy Mexican snack, the perfect appetizer for any party!

Mexican or Tex-Mex?

Tex-Mex is a familiar subcategory of Mexican cuisine that, as the name describes, combines popular food groups from Mexico and Texas. What many people don’t know is that the TexMex (no hyphen) name was first used in 1875 referring to the train route that connected Mexico to Texas. It wasn’t until 1970 when Tex-Mex became […]