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How to Cook Mexican Food Even Though you are not Mexican

By Javier Cabral I first arrived in Mexico City to open a restaurant concept for chef Jean-Georges. It wasn’t a Mexican restaurant but we did use local products, which subsequently made me fall in love with Mexican cuisine. I then fell in love with Mexico and its people. You can easily source everything from vegetables, […]

Spiralized Sweet Potatoes

Turn your favorite veggie into a healthier alternative to pasta with a spiralizer, these sweet potatoes are a perfect example!

Tamales: A Rich History

Tamales are by far one of the most intriguing foods I’ve come to learn about in my studies of Latin cuisine. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a sure bet for at least two or three (maybe ten) tamales around Christmas time. I’ll even admit to having bought a dozen from a stranger’s trunk […]

Five Can’t Miss Mexican Dishes for Foodies

Mexican food has undergone some rough, albeit mostly delicious, transformations here in the United States. However, what most people don’t realize is the traditions and complex flavors imbued into the Mexican food culture go well beyond the well known staples like the burrito, taco, and huevos rancheros. The good news is it’s becoming easier than […]

The Many Faces of Maize

Corn has been an essential food of the Americas since agricultural technologies became advanced enough to farm it. It was considered by ancient cultures like the Mayans as the ‘food of the gods,’ and was the most substantial component of their diet. Not much has changed in the past centuries, as corn, or maize as […]