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The Christmas Tradition of Mexican Posadas

Christmas is celebrated by a wide variety of cultures and countries. And while the basics of the holiday season remain largely intact, all of them have a unique spin or tradition that they can call their very own. Perhaps no other Christmas tradition is more interesting or engrained within a people than the Mexican Posadas. […]

Not Your Typical Fast Food

When American’s think fast food they think greasy burgers, crunchy french fries, value meals, and heartburn. However, there is a new trend in fast food that people are gravitating towards, and it doesn’t include you sitting in a car waiting to hand your credit card out the window. Latin fast food takes the restaurant out […]

The Essential Cookbooks For Your Mexican Collection

No matter how many gazillions of recipes may be available online, nothing will ever replace thumbing through a cookbook, finding a recipe that stands out to you, perching it in your kitchen somewhere, and recreating it in real life. Cookbooks are one of the best investments a home cook can make to enrich their repertoire […]

Meet the Tastiest Empanadas of Latin America

Savory empanadas are the unsung heroes of Latin America. They are always there for you when you’re craving something that is just a little bit more extravagant than a taco or a sandwich—yet still as satisfying. They are ultra-convenient, portable, and not to mention affordable. Most importantly, they are versatile and delicious enough to have […]