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Calabacitas Salad

Look no further than this easy zucchini salad recipe for a healthy lunch or dinner. Simple but timeless!

Sunflower Seed Brittle

The always amazing Shelly Gilad shares a recipe for an easy healthy treat, with help from special guest Chef Sweet Mariona.

Easy, Healthy Recipes for Two

Easy, Healthy Recipes for Two by Alex Tabar THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY MAZOLA© How many people do you usually cook for? Many people think it’s easier to cook for a whole family, while for others cooking for one keeps them stress-free. But what happens when it’s time to cook for two? For many couples […]

Hoppin’ Juan Salad

Start the year with a healthy and low-calorie Hoppin’ John salad, with cilantro cream for a Latin twist.

Salad Revolution

Salads have changed a lot in the past couple of decades, going well beyond the traditional composition of a few sad chunks of iceberg lettuce topped with boxed croutons, shaved carrots, and gooey globs of blue cheese dressing. The salad world has evolved to great heights and these four recipes prove it. Side salad, no […]

Which Foods Have Fewer Calories?

Many times when we eat our food, we have no idea how many calories we’re consuming. Even if it’s a delicious corn tamale or a beef empanada, we don’t know how many calories they have. How can we know what’s best for us? Here is a list of the calories some our favorite foods have […]

7 Great Properties of Kale

Is Kale Good for You? Kale is definitely one of the healthiest and most nutritious plant foods on the planet. Kale is a member of the cabbage family. It is in the family of cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and collard greens. Did we say enough good things about kale? Not yet: […]

5 Vegan Recipes with Latin Inspiration

Vegan eating has undergone a revolution in the past decade as more and more people gravitate towards a diet that favors plant-based foods and a moral stance against any animal or animal-produced products. Today, vegans have more options than ever when it comes to food that both tastes incredible and aligns with their beliefs. Latin […]

Purple Cauliflower Salad

Cauliflower is a great source of vitamin C, helps keep the heart healthy and you can have it all day long!

Latin Recipes that are 100% Paleo

A new year means a renewed focus on doing what’s right for our bodies in the wake of indulgent holiday meals and late-night libations. If you’re looking for a new diet to wrap your healthy ambitions around, you could do a lot worse than taking on paleo. To put it simply, the paleo diet is […]

What are young moms feeding their toddlers?

There’s no getting around the fact that kids are picky eaters. If they can’t get a healthy dollop of creamy Skippy on a couple of crustless slices of Wonder Bread, you might as well gear up for an exercise of ‘who will break first,’ a game you most certainly can’t win. However, moms around the […]