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Cinco Finger Foods for Your Cinco de Mayo Party

By Victoria Freixa There’s nothing like Cinco de Mayo to bring the Mexican out of nearly everyone in America. It’s also a brilliant excuse to drink before 5pm and bring the whole family together… and your friends over for free food—we can’t forget that. Best of all, this holiday gives us all a chance to […]

Papas Bravas

Try these delicious spicy potato wedges with guacamole and mango pico de gallo. A spin on the classic tapas that will make you go hungry!

The Favorite Latin Dishes of these Five Stars

Celebrities have much more in common with us than you think–especially when it comes to sharing our love for authentic Latin cuisine. It’s hard for anyone to resist the bold and electric flavors found in every dish across Latin America. From Cameron Diaz to Beyoncé, these stars reveal their favorite Latin dishes they claim as […]

Get Crazy With Your Guacamole With These Five Tasty Variations

Classic guacamole is perfect as is but if you are looking to get crazy with it, we’ve collected a few of our favorite variations that highlight guacamole in all its various forms. While the basic ingredients of guacamole remain written in stone (avocado, lemon, salt, tomato, onion, pepper), creative chefs and home cooks have added their […]