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Manuelita Flan

Try this delicious dulce de leche flan inspired by a traditional Argentine recipe.

The History of Flan

Flan is easily the most popular Latin dessert and has been for many generations. We just can’t get enough—at least I know I can’t and I can’t be alone in this. It’s won the hearts of pretty much every Latino, spanning thousands of miles, hundreds of preferences, and people of all ages, sexes, and backgrounds. […]

Tres Leches Flan

What else can be said about flan? Everyone loves flan, and this tempting version will make you love it even more!

Romantic Menu Ideas for a Latin Dinner

Preparing a romantic dinner doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Surprise your loved one with a creative menu to celebrate a special date, and given the exquisite variety of Latin American cuisine, you both are in for a treat! Meat, fish, rice or salads, paired with great wine, a delicious dessert and beautiful decoration, […]

Five Latin Desserts to Soothe Your Soul

Bless our grandmothers for spoiling us with desserts. The ones that they learned how to cook from their mothers, and their mothers from their mothers; passed on from generation to generation; desserts that were prepared with care, with dedication, and above all— with love for their family. Here are just a few of our favorite ones.  […]