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Guest Chef Pablo Marinaro shows us his version of a classic Salvadorean beef pupusa, served with a delicious orange zest chimichurri.

Meet the Tastiest Empanadas of Latin America

Savory empanadas are the unsung heroes of Latin America. They are always there for you when you’re craving something that is just a little bit more extravagant than a taco or a sandwich—yet still as satisfying. They are ultra-convenient, portable, and not to mention affordable. Most importantly, they are versatile and delicious enough to have […]

This Is Why You Can’t Find Many Salvadoran Recipes

Experience Preserving Salvadoran Matriarchs’ Recipes by Karla T. Vásquez She dipped her pinky finger in the bubbling tomatada, brought it to her mouth, and with an instinct of a cook and woman who has been cooking since her early teenage years, added more water, salt, and a few slices of jalapeño to the sauce. I […]