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Vegetarian Locro

Prepare a delicious vegetarian version of the famed Argentinian stew to chase the cold nights away with this easy recipe.


This creamy and delicious dish is a traditional staple of Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

Red Chile Tortillas

Make these pretty, orange-colored tortillas that are made with red chile sauce in honor of Día de Los Muertos.

Carbonada Doña Lucía

Nothing better for a winter night than this warming stew, a comforting classic from various regions of South America.
Kitchenware courtesy of Falabella.

Chorizo Stuffing

The smoky flavor of chorizo with a crumbly texture that will be the perfect stuffing for Thanksgiving.


Our guest chef Ted Montoya indulges our tastebuds with this easy and mouthwatering recipe for esquite, the famous and delicious Mexican street food.

Tamales: A Rich History

Tamales are by far one of the most intriguing foods I’ve come to learn about in my studies of Latin cuisine. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a sure bet for at least two or three (maybe ten) tamales around Christmas time. I’ll even admit to having bought a dozen from a stranger’s trunk […]

Galician Tuna Pie

This delicious tuna pie is inspired by empanadas gallegas, a classic staple from Galicia, Spain.

Where Do These Latin Stews Come From?

If you’re planning a trip to Latin America, chances are you won’t be leaving without running your mouth into any number of traditional soups and stews. These dishes lay at the heart of any Latin American culture, and are sure to warm the soul, tickle the tastebuds, and probably have you begging the camarero for […]

Are These Popular Latin American Ingredients Native or Imported?

Latin American cuisine is a unique blend of old and new. Most popular dishes are rooted in techniques and flavors enjoyed by the native peoples of each particular region, and fused with influences from Europe which came about during the age of exploration and colonization. From this fusion has come some of the most widely […]

These Four Ingredients Are the Building Blocks of Peruvian Cuisine

Peruvian food is regarded as one of the most sophisticated cuisines in South America. Its food is a mix of indigenous influences from the Incas and cuisines brought from European and Asian migrations. This includes natively grown cereals, grains, herbs, and root vegetables cultivated in the Andes. Peruvian food has been a favorite for many, but […]

The Many Faces of Maize

Corn has been an essential food of the Americas since agricultural technologies became advanced enough to farm it. It was considered by ancient cultures like the Mayans as the ‘food of the gods,’ and was the most substantial component of their diet. Not much has changed in the past centuries, as corn, or maize as […]