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Chocolate Salami

This mouthwatering chocolate salami is a great idea for a homemade holiday gift!

Frida Skull Cupcakes

Learn how to make the perfect Frida-inspired cupcakes for your upcoming Día de Los Muertos celebration.

Chocolate Discs

Make these delightful and incredibly easy vegan chocolate discs with different toppings, a perfect gift for friends and family. A recipe from our guest chef Shelly Gilad from Shelly’s Humble Kitchen.

Argento Brownie

Chocolate is loved throughout Latin America as much as in the rest of the world, these brownies are sure to be adored by everyone.

5 Decadent Desserts

5 Latin Decadent Desserts and Where They Come From Dessert represents the indulgent child in us all. It’s the thing we know we don’t need, the thing we always want, and the thing we know we’re always going to end up getting. Dessert is the best of culinary culture because it leaves pretenses at the […]


Make these luscious Brazilian chocolate truffles and gift them to friends and family. Get creative with different toppings!

Which dessert has less sugar and more vitamins?

A sweet tooth is a double edged sword. On one end, it provides us with delicious, delectable desserts that fill our hearts and satisfy our taste buds after a good meal. On the other end, they are packed with calories that aren’t exactly on the healthy side and can leave our gut chemistry in a […]

Candy Cane-Shaped Churros

Churros! Everyone loves churros and will love them more with this version shaped like a Christmas candy cane.