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Originally from Rio de la Plata, Argentina this exquisite sandwich is an enormously popular asado staple all through Latin America. Try it with fresh chimichurri!


Guest Chef Pablo Marinaro shows us his version of a classic Salvadorean beef pupusa, served with a delicious orange zest chimichurri.


This delicious marinade from Argentina is a classic for the ages.

The Salsas of Latin America

Salsa. Not the dance style but the food. Even though they are of equal importance in the Latin world, I’d say only one of them is easy to do right. So, let’s get right down to talking about food! Everyone’s favorite topic. Salsa is arguably the most recognizable aspect of Latin cuisine. With the right […]

5 Healthy Variations of These Popular Latin Dishes

Indulgent food is considered to be the heart of Latin culture. With vibrant flavors, authentic ingredients, and dedicated preparation, this cuisine has kept Latin heritage alive with traditional recipes passed through generations in every Latino household. While the ingredients are always fresh, ‘healthy’ is definitely not the first word that comes to mind when indulging […]

Are you a Latin food connoisseur?

What is Gazpacho? Gazpacho’s roots come all the way from before the Americas were colonized by feudal Europe in Spain and Portugal. It is vegetable soup served cold and typically is made from tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, and other herbs and spices to taste. Latin American cuisine, which is heavily influenced by European cuisine, has adapted […]

How Charles Darwin Influenced Argentina’s Grilled Meat Culture

It’s an old, beautiful tradition in Argentina to give a round of applause to the person barbecuing for the family or group of people gathered for whatever occasion they find to meet and eat a good asado. The asados (barbecues) are so popular and inviting, that people applaud the “asador” when they are served the […]