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Pampa Empanadas

These traditional Argentine empanadas are easy to make and a great option for a party platter.

Pizza with Latin flavor: 5 toppings you should try

  Everyone likes pizza. It’s a universal truth in life right up there with the sun sets in the west and the Star Wars trilogy is, and always will be better than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Pizza is that good, and comes in so many different flavors, types, varieties, and combinations, that there’s […]

La Boca Meatballs

Delicious and easy meatballs that will go great with your favorite pasta, or by themselves!

Churrasco: A Brazilian Love Affair

Just thinking of Brazilian churrasco gets my mouth watering. There is nothing like the feeling of walking into an authentic churrascaria on an empty stomach… the smells, the sounds, the energy. If you’ve been to a churrascaria then you know what I’m talking about. And you know that feeling of “it’s about to go down”—hope […]

Pulled Beef Arepas

This version of arepas with creamy cilantro sauce is popular across Colombia, and you can fill them with your favorite meat!

Cordobés Pie

Pamper your tastebuds with this delicious Latin spin on a classic sheperd’s pie.


Cold weather calls for a plate of this traditional dish from Northeastern Brazil. Exquisite and warming!

Holiday Empanadas

Learn how to make four different kinds of empanadas for this holiday season, because who doesn’t love an empanada?

Break the Monotony of Quesadillas by Adding These Delicious Ingredients

Corn tortillas are the glue that binds all the different flavors and varieties of Mexican cuisine together. Just about any dish in the massive repertoire of culinary masterpieces that the Latin American country has gifted the world feature tortillas. Fried, baked, steamed, wrapped, griddled, or grilled, there is a tortilla preparation for every mood. Tortillas are […]

How Charles Darwin Influenced Argentina’s Grilled Meat Culture

It’s an old, beautiful tradition in Argentina to give a round of applause to the person barbecuing for the family or group of people gathered for whatever occasion they find to meet and eat a good asado. The asados (barbecues) are so popular and inviting, that people applaud the “asador” when they are served the […]