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Originally from Rio de la Plata, Argentina this exquisite sandwich is an enormously popular asado staple all through Latin America. Try it with fresh chimichurri!

Buenos Aires Pork Chops

Try this easy recipe for pork chops with apples and potatoes, inspired by the flavors of Argentina’s capital.


This delicious marinade from Argentina is a classic for the ages.

5 Must Try Dishes from Latin Countries

One of the most exciting parts about traveling to any new place is introducing your taste buds to a whole new palette of flavor by indulging in local cuisine. For Latin Americans, one thing is the same: heritage and culture is showcased through staple foods. Each country has a unique story to tell through a […]

How Charles Darwin Influenced Argentina’s Grilled Meat Culture

It’s an old, beautiful tradition in Argentina to give a round of applause to the person barbecuing for the family or group of people gathered for whatever occasion they find to meet and eat a good asado. The asados (barbecues) are so popular and inviting, that people applaud the “asador” when they are served the […]