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Narda Lepes Comedor – Episode 3

  In this new episode Chef Narda Lepes describes her focus on healthy fruit-based desserts and introduces us to her all-female pastry team. Visit  Narda Comedor  at Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre 664, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Directed by Alfred Oliveri at House of chef.tv … En este nuevo episodio la Chef Narda Lepes nos habla de […]

Narda Lepes Comedor – Episode 2

Cocina follows acclaimed Argentinian Chef Narda Lepes in the days before the official opening in the new four-part docuseries #NardaComedor EPISODE 2 Spotlight, Argentina, buenos aires, comedor, docuseries, Narda Lepes, series, Video, Hero

Manuelita Flan

Try this delicious dulce de leche flan inspired by a traditional Argentine recipe.

Pampa Empanadas

These traditional Argentine empanadas are easy to make and a great option for a party platter.

Holiday Empanadas

Learn how to make four different kinds of empanadas for this holiday season, because who doesn’t love an empanada?

How Charles Darwin Influenced Argentina’s Grilled Meat Culture

It’s an old, beautiful tradition in Argentina to give a round of applause to the person barbecuing for the family or group of people gathered for whatever occasion they find to meet and eat a good asado. The asados (barbecues) are so popular and inviting, that people applaud the “asador” when they are served the […]

Meet the Tastiest Empanadas of Latin America

Savory empanadas are the unsung heroes of Latin America. They are always there for you when you’re craving something that is just a little bit more extravagant than a taco or a sandwich—yet still as satisfying. They are ultra-convenient, portable, and not to mention affordable. Most importantly, they are versatile and delicious enough to have […]