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Vegan Arepas

Enjoy a healthy and lean version of this famous Latin delicacy preparing this easy recipe from our guest Chef Shelly Gilad from Shelly’s Humble Kitchen.

Pulled Beef Arepas

This version of arepas with creamy cilantro sauce is popular across Colombia, and you can fill them with your favorite meat!

Arepas Reina Pepiada

Estas cálidas arepas caseras están rellenas con la más deliciosa ensalada de pollo y aguacate.

Reina Pepiada Arepas

These warm, homemade arepas are stuffed with the most delicious shredded chicken and avocado salad.

5 Must Try Dishes from Latin Countries

One of the most exciting parts about traveling to any new place is introducing your taste buds to a whole new palette of flavor by indulging in local cuisine. For Latin Americans, one thing is the same: heritage and culture is showcased through staple foods. Each country has a unique story to tell through a […]

Easy Latin Recipes For Young Cooks to Master

The idea of giving a twelve year old a sharp knife, boiling oil, and a meat tenderizer in the name of teaching them how to cook is certainly a precarious one. However, handing down the traditions of food culture to your children is one of the most sacred gifts a parent can give, and getting […]