Proetin Seasoning and Rub by Cocina
Proetin Seasoning and Rub by Cocina
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Perfect protein seasoning and rub

Born in Spain, Perfected in America While it's celebrated internationally, paprika as we know it today has its roots in two countries: Hungary and Spain. While drying is the main method of preservation in both countries, there are differences in the variety of the pepper used, and in the technique utilized, with the Spanish variety almost always smoked over a longer period of time.

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Eco friendly, hand made, fair trade

Ready to fire up the BBQ or get grilling? We've got you covered with this purpose-built protein seasoning - just the ticket for juicy steaks, succulent pork, savory chicken, and the bounty of the sea. This small batch seasoning is a favorite at our house: bold enough to highlight the natural flavors of what's for dinner without being overpowering, and versatile enough to use on all manner of foods.

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