We all know that Latin America has a lot to offer when it comes to landscapes, tourism, gastronomy, culture, history and so much more.

In this article, we are focusing our attention on Utila Island. Utila is one of the Bay Areas of Honduras, located about 30 miles from the mainland. A favorite of scuba divers and backpackers, the six-mile long Utila Island is home to around 4000 year-round residents. Many are from the U.S., Canada and Europe. They came to visit, and liked it so much they decided to stay!

Besides its beaches, landscapes and incredible food, it has a lot to offer. So…

What are the best things to do in this tropical getaway called Utila Island?

With over 100 dive sites on the island, it’s one of the top places to learn to dive . Take a trip to the Utila Cays, you wont regret it!

1. You can spend the day at smaller uninhabited islands like Water Cay.

Utila Article - Water Cay

Aerial view of Water Cay. Photo by Adrian Jones via Gobluebayislands.

2. Snorkel the reef and look for whale sharks. We recommend you to explore the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef!

Utila Article - Mesoamerican Barrier Reef

Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Photo via nature.org.

3. Rent an ATV or golf cart to explore the island and find remote and quiet beaches to hang out and relax.

Utila Article - Golf Cart Rental

Golf Cart Rental. Photo by Glenda Estrada via TheHindu.

4. Take a seat at any bar in the Utila Bay for some drinks and dinner while looking at its perfect sunsets.

Utila Article - Sunset

A sunset postcard. Photo via thebackpackinghousewife.com.

5. Enjoy all the restaurants, bars, dive shops, and different hotels located in the main street that surrounds the port and experience Utila’s nightlife: its famous party scene is a favorite for locals and tourists alike!

6. Take a stroll: it takes from 20 to 30 minutes to get across the entire island from end to end!

So now you know. This little and beautiful island is a must for travelers that are passing through or for anyone looking to stay for a while.


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