The holidays are the perfect excuse to gather with friends and family to celebrate the year that has passed and what’s to come. It is also the perfect time to try decadent holiday desserts (in this case, you can choose to share or… enjoy them by yourself!). 

This year, we invite you to ditch the store-bought sweets and fruitcake duds. Instead, challenge (and impress) yourself and your guests with new flavors and combinations that will not only enchant your taste buds but invite you to travel the world. 

Latin Holiday Desserts

Easy to make, appealing to all your senses, and exquisite to taste even while making them, these budget-friendly sweets are perfect for last-minute party planners or I-love-pampering-myself-while-the-snow-falls moments. 

So grab your apron, preheat the oven, and get ready to bake up a holiday feast your guests will never forget!

1. Cinnamon Golfeados

As the holiday season fills the air with joy and anticipation, wouldn’t it be magical to fill your place with the warm, inviting aroma of freshly baked cinnamon golfeados? This classic Venezuelan dessert is more than just a delightful and soft treat but is the perfect invitation to connect with your family and friends.

Picture this. Your favorite people share the kitchen space, mixing, smelling cinnamon, and laughter echoing as you work together giving the dough its roll shape. The anticipation builds as the golfeados bake, transforming into golden delights that practically melt in your mouth.

No matter in which moment of the day you choose to serve and share them. Cinnamon golfeados are sure to add that holiday nostalgic aroma and piece of magic to the table. 

2. Candy Cane-Shaped Churros

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Churros are a Latin American treat that can be eaten plain, or served with chocolate or/and dulce de leche. (It all depends on how much you love sweets). 

This recipe not only helps you make the dough for traditional churros but also brings a twist to the table. Candy cane-shape. So, you can complement the sugary candy with a sugary dough that will not only bring the holidays joy to your table but also a piece of the world! 

3. Polvorones

Remember the first Narnia movie? The one where the witch gifts Edmond a plate full of treats? Remember the feeling of watching him eating those and you thinking “I need that on my table”? Well… let us introduce you to these traditional Latin American cookies that will answer all your Narnia questions with a “Here you have them, Edmond’s sweets. You can make them at home.” 

Polvorones are not only super easy to make, but more than delicious to taste with that soft, crumbly, and almondy flavor that once you have a bite will melt in your mouth. 

Furthermore, you can have fun decorating them by yourself or at a gathering with friends! You can even gift them to celebrate the people you love.

Best recipe ever for the holidays? We do not doubt it! 

At COCINA, we LOVE sweets and more so during this time of the year in which sweets are the perfect excuse to invite friends and family over to cook, share anecdotes and memories, and taste something that will bring joy not only because of the season but also because of the different tasty experience you get to explore without even getting out of your place! 

Make it more challenging and write down on three pieces of paper the name, then pick up one randomly and start from there. Are you ready to add an extra Latinx treat to your table? 

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