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Pizza is arguably one of the world’s most perfect foods (right up there with tacos, obviously). However, what if we told you that there is a way to perfect on perfection and make pizza even better? Mexico took it upon itself to take on this challenge and we think they may have succeeded.

Just grab a slice or order a pie anywhere in Mexico to see what we are talking about. As your steaming pie arrives in your table and you reach for that first slice, you may be a little shocked to find some unusual condiments there too. The usual suspects will be there—parmesan and chile flakes—but next to them will be other ingredients that will change your pizza eating experience for the rest of your life.

Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce.

sauces - Cocina

Mexico has found a way to make pizza spicier, saltier, and even more mouthwatering than before. Believe us when we say that these two wonder sauces have the power to transform pizza into something you’ve never experienced before. All it takes is just a few generous shakes of each bottle on top of your favorite slice to feel like you’ve been in the Matrix all along and missing out the full potential of pizza. It’s kind of a flavor bomb and even if you don’t want to admit it, it actually makes pizza more enjoyable. The umami from the Worcestershire sauce adds life to boring crusts (to some) and adds another layer to cheese, and the hot sauce brings the instant heat, making pizza even more addictive.

Bonus Mexican points if you order your pizza with pineapple and jalapeño because pizzas are the new tacos.


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