Thanksgiving is one of the most significant holidays for many in the US. Latinxs have also embraced this tradition and they’ve put a splash of their culture into it!

Thanksgiving Start Time

The “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner begins around 5 or 6 in the afternoon, while Latinx families start their dinner around 9 pm.

Turkey? What turkey?

The traditional turkey can easily be substituted for a pernil or replaced with carnitas or tamales. It is also common for there to be rice (or rice and beans) on a menu in a Latinx home on that special night. Or even tostones or plantains!

Rellenando el Turkey

If the family decides to make turkey, without a doubt its stuffing will not be the traditional one. On the contrary, it could be stuffed with chorizo. And it wouldn’t be strange if there is ham next to the turkey.

Thanksgiving Postre

Latinx families prefer a flan, a tres leches cake or some other traditional dessert from their origins instead of the traditional pies.

Eating and drinking trumps watching football

In this celebration, Latinx families not only eat but also dance, sing and drink until late hours! It’s like an XL-sized sobremesa!



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