Ahh… to enjoy Spring Break. Sunshine, relaxation, and, why not a party to boost everyone’s energies? It is that time of the year in which flowers blossom, allergies return, but so longer days with the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the nice weather. 

If you are looking to enjoy this Spring Break in a different way, let us invite you to plan a Latin-inspired getaway, either south of the border or by creating your own cultural immersion at home. And to fuel your adventures, we’ve got a selection of healthy Latin recipes that are bursting with flavor.  So, ditch the greasy fast food and grab your fiesta hat – it’s time for a delicious and nutritious Spring Break among friends, family, or by yourself, pick your favorite!

Kickstart Your Day with Sunshine Smoothies

No vacation is complete without refreshing mornings. Start yours right with a tropical twist!  Blend together frozen mango, pineapple, and banana with a splash of coconut milk for a taste of the Caribbean. For a protein boost, add some Greek yogurt or chia seeds.

If you are looking for an even more adventurous recipe, here’s COCINA’s Pumpkin and Banana Smoothie.

This smoothie recipe is a delicious way to bring the taste of fall to your mornings. It combines pumpkin puree with banana for a creamy and flavorful blend, all with fewer calories than a slice of pumpkin pie. So whip up this healthy and satisfying smoothie for a perfect immune system pick-me-up!

Pumpkin Smoothie

Lunchtime for On-the-Go Adventures

Spring break is all about exploration, is it not? So, pack a picnic basket with vibrant and healthy options. Black bean and corn salad with a zesty lime vinaigrette is a classic, light option. But if you are looking for something more substantial, let us invite you to discover the Hearts of Palm Fritters. A veggie-friendly, tasty option to enjoy ideally under the shadow of a tree while the wind is blowing your hair.

Heart of Palm Fritters

Of course, some of you may not be 100% full with only fritters, so let us introduce you to the Tinga Sliders recipe. If you LOVE spicy food but tacos have become common ground, tinga sliders are here to shake things up! This recipe features a smoky chipotle pepper sauce simmered with juicy shredded chicken, all piled onto soft slider buns. It’s the perfect finger food for a party or a fun twist on your next barbecue.

Tinga Sliders

Light and Flavorful Dinners for Fiesta Nights

As the sun sets, gather your friends and family for a Latin-themed feast. Ceviche, the refreshing Peruvian dish of marinated raw fish in citrus juices, is a perfect way to showcase fresh seafood and light, healthy flavors. Pair it with roasted vegetables and brown rice for a complete and satisfying meal. For a vegetarian option, try a vibrant veggie fajita fiesta with colorful bell peppers, onions, and sauteed mushrooms. Top it off with a homemade guacamole made with fresh lime juice and cilantro.

Wow! This is a lot of information, right? Fear not, here are some recipes that will party up your dinner table. 

Starting with Ceviche Verde, a recipe as light and refreshing as it is flavorful. Shrimp is marinated in a zesty green sauce made with lime juice, serrano peppers, and cilantro, resulting in a vibrant and delicious dish. It’s perfect for a spring dinner or even a fun and healthy party dish!

Easy Seafood Recipes - Ceviche Verde

Of course, we do not forget about you, veggies! So, hip-hip to the Quinoa and Chipotle Salad with Avocados. This recipe combines fluffy quinoa with smoky chipotle peppers, sweet corn, juicy tomatoes, and creamy avocado for a satisfying and delicious salad. It’s easy to throw together and perfect for meal prep, making your weekdays a breeze.

Quinoa and Chipotle Salad with Avocados

Sweet Endings with a Latin Flair

No fiesta is complete without a touch of sweetness. Ditch the sugary desserts and opt for a naturally delicious treat. Fresh fruit salad with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon is a simple and satisfying way to end your meal. Feeling a little more adventurous? Try making a batch of Black Arroz con Leche, a creamy Latin rice pudding flavored with cinnamon and citrus zest. It’s a lighter and healthier take on a classic dessert.

Black Arroz con Leche

Spring Break Fiesta: More than Just Food!

While these recipes will take your taste buds on a Latin adventure, remember that a fiesta is about more than just food. Turn up the music with lively Latin beats, learn a few basic salsa steps, and create a festive atmosphere with bright colors and decorations. Spring break is your chance to embrace a new culture and create lasting memories. So, grab your appetite for adventure and get ready for a healthy and vibrant Spring Break Fiesta!


Jackfruit Fajitas

A mouth-watering vegetarian healthy version of Mexican fajitas, from guest Chef Jocelyn Ramirez from Todo Verde.


Tomatillo Salsa

Dip some fresh tortilla chips on this classic and delicious Mexican salsa!

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