It’s the swinging summer season and the time for picnics, beach days and friendly get-togethers. All of these events will have something in common: food and drink! Usually there will be the usual cold beers in the cooler, a bag of chips and perhaps some hummus. But when you find something as delicious and refreshing as a Sparkling Mango Spiked Agua Fresca wouldn’t you want to take it up a notch?

Pairing a delicious drink to it’s complimentary dish is an art to itself, but luckily this is why you’re here, and we have some great ideas for quick and exquisite plates that will be the talk of the party!


Ceviche is the king of summer. Fresh, citrusy, textured and a little (or very) spicy. Did your mouth water just thinking of it? That’s the reason it remains a classic. Peruvians have known this for many centuries, after all most of Peru is coastal and they have their pick of the best fish from the Pacific. The Mango Spiked Agua Fresca is the perfect match for this delicacy, the infusion of the mango’s sweetness pairs up beautifully with the citrus juices. Try it, you’re welcome.


Oh, but what do you know? It pairs with tacos as well! Ok, tacos pair with everything because you can never go wrong with tacos. These jackfruit fajitas are completely meatless but carry the same delicious flavors, they’re better for you and for Mother Earth. Jackfruit and Mango have been looking for a chance to work together, and voilá, this collab will give you some very legit points at the pairing table.


But that’s not all! Tacos again, yes because… see above. And let’s keep it on the meatless trend with this extraordinary chilorio recipe using the always benevolent cauliflower. Seriously, let’s give cauliflower its due since it always comes through. Hailing from Sinaloa, México, Chilorio is originally made with pork or chicken but using cauliflower will give you a good crunch while keeping it healthy and vegan-friendly. We all have that vegan friend we love, so pack up a basket of cauliflower chilorio and a few cans of Mango Spiked Agua Fresca and show the love.


Chicken Wings. We simply had to. C’mon, there’s no party without them, and we all have those chicken wing-loving crowd as well. This recipe uses Mexican Tamarind soda and chipotle to give the glaze a tangy and slightly sweet flavor profile, which paired with a Mango Spiked Agua Fresca well, it just makes sense. You can @ us.


Reina Pepiada Arepas

These warm, homemade arepas are stuffed with the most delicious shredded chicken and avocado salad.


Avocado Mango Toast

Reinvent your avocado toast game with this fresh spin from our guest Chef Shelly Gilad from Shelly’s Humble Kitchen.

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