Is there a more perfect match than books and food? Hmmm… I really don’t think so. These Latin cookbooks hold secrets, history, and the accurate amount of ingredients and condiments every reader needs to make the perfect recipe. And food… well. Nothing makes us happier than a good and made-with-love dish, is it?

At COCINA, we have a mission to invite every reader to dive into Latin cuisine. Why? Well, we have a LOT to teach regarding traditions and the cooking experience. For us, it is not about the food itself and how Instagramable is, for us is about the rite behind a warm dish, the history that a familiar recipe holds, the secret ingredients that abuelas have passed down from generation to generation, and the ceremony of sharing the table and flavors! 

So, if you are ready to make that trip to your closest bookstore and prep your kitchen to celebrate our amazing culture, keep on reading. Here are 4 Latin cookbooks that you MUST add to your library!

Treasures Of The Mexican Table: Classic Recipes, Local Secrets

How many authentic Mexican recipes do you know? Are you able to name more than ten? Mexico has a rich culinary history with thousands of years of ingredients and combinations. Trying them out is a way of traveling to this country and unraveling its mysteries and cultural background. 

Meet Patricia (Pati) Jinich. This Mexican chef, television personality, cookbook author, teacher, and culinary writer is mostly recognized for her James Beard Award-winning and Emmy-nominated public television series, Pati’s Mexican Table.

The food philanthropist has spent the last ten years exploiting her home country’s culinary gems, including some key ingredients and combinations such as birria, salsa macha, coyotas, and carne asada

Her research is captured in this book in which readers can find local delicacies, passed down through generations and unknown outside of their own regions and nationwide sensations. 

Every recipe is a Mexican classic and includes a narrative written in Pati’s warm and familiar style.

Colombiana: A Rediscovery of Recipes and Rituals from the Soul of Colombia

We can’t help but fall in love with Colombia and its authentic recipes. This land is known for its colors and vibrant beaches, but food is the main character when getting to know the epicenter of its culture and customs. 

“Colombiana” is a recipe book written by the Bogotá native, Mariana Velásquez. In this book she encapsulates Colombian food’s unique blend of heritages, cultures, and locations with one simple concept: more is more. For Colombians, eating is not only about what you ingest,  but sharing with your guests a dish (or dishes) that will leave them feeling satisfied in both body and soul. 

In this book, readers will discover recipes for classics like arepas and empanadas, as well as “Colombian-ish” foods like Lomito de Cerdo al Tamarindo y Menta (tamarind pork tenderloin with mint), Gazpacho de Papaya y Camarón Tostado (spicy papaya and charred shrimp gazpacho), and Cuchuco de Trigo con Pollito y Limón (Lemony Bulgur Farmer’s Chicken Soup). Every recipe holds Mariana’s secrets and twists because it is not only about the food but the atmosphere you build around it!

Diasporican: A Puerto Rican Cookbook

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you documented every food your family shared and made? Would some recipes be THE SAME as your abuela used to make them? Would some of them be rescued from oblivion?

Illyanna Maisonet, a Puerto Rican cook, dived into that mission spending years recording her family’s Puerto Rican recipes and conserving the island’s fading foodways through meticulous, often bilingual study. 

In Diasporican, Illyana shares almost 100 recipes. Some of them come from her abuela’s cookbook and her mother’s memories, such as Tostones or Arroz con Gandules. Others are discoveries made by the author, who combines the Taino, Spanish, African, and even North American cultures. Her dishes are shaped by geography, immigration, and colonization, sharing a reflection of the diversity of her land. 

Comida Típica Argentina Vegana

Argentina is a country known for the quality of its meat and wine. But, what happens to vegans in this amazing land? Well… the “Vegan sisters” tried to answer this question with a cookbook that holds the traditional dishes from “el país de la carne” with a twist. All these delicious, mouthwatering, meaty recipes can be green and animal-friendly. 

Working with easy-to-make and fun to re-discover Argentine traditions, this cookbook gives a chance to vegans to try exquisite food from the southern country of the continent without risking their principles. 

We bet there are more great Latin cookbooks out there, so if you have one (or more) in mind, don’t doubt and share them! In the meantime, enjoy traveling the continent without stepping out of your kitchen with these four titles that, we have no doubts, will win over you, your loved ones, and your shelves.


Sweet Roasted Grape Tostada

Give some flair to the traditional eating of the grapes at midnight in New Year’s eve with this exquisite tostada.


Spot Prawn Ceviche

Looking for a variation of the classic Ceviche Recipe? Try this delicious and beautiful spot prawn ceviche to mix up your daily calory intake!

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