We all have those go-to recipes that we know and love. They’re comfortable, make our tummies happy, and by now, we can probably make them with our eyes closed. Whether they were passed down from generation to generation or our very own tried-and-true originals, they’re considered traditional dishes in our households simply due to familiarity.

But let’s face it—while we may have a deep commitment to some of our family favorites, there isn’t a recipe in the world that couldn’t be improved upon. You may know of a delicious dish or two that call for a full stick of butter or a whole cup of sugar, and nowadays we may know of some healthier and even yummier alternatives.

Since it’s safe to assume that we’re all striving for perfection—or at least striving for better and healthier living, we’re here to share a few cool twists on some traditional favorites.


When we hear the mention of milanesas, the word “healthy” doesn’t exactly pop into our minds—but it doesn’t get much more traditional than milanesas in a lot of households. The amazing thing about them is their versatility. For a healthier twist on the traditional milanesas, substitute white meat chicken for beef. Then, to reduce the saturated fat, fry them up in some corn oil instead of butter or lard. Or better still, drizzle some corn oil on a cooking sheet and bake the milanesas until golden brown. Your heart (and waistline) will thank you!

Plus, the side dish options are endless and one of our personal favorites, if you’re on a health kick, is sweet potato purée for a little bit of savory sweetness, or just simply complement the milanesas with a nice fresh salad.


Any take on shrimp scampi is delicious, and a common dish in many homes. But if you’re looking to take this family favorite to newer and healthier levels, then you’ve come to the right place. Firstly, instead of the usual butter, start cutting the saturated fat by using corn oil to sauté your garlic, onions, and shrimp. Also, did you know that corn oil has four times more cholesterol-blocking sterols than other cooking oils?  Then pair your shrimp with sautéed veggies as opposed to the usual rice. Toss them on the skillet together and you have a meal that’s well balanced and full of flavor.


Spanish rice is one of those dishes that pretty much goes with everything and it’s been a classic in most families for generations. You’ll be hard pressed to find a Mexican family that doesn’t serve Spanish rice on a weekly basis. And all the elder women in the family know the same delicious recipe and love to pass it down. As most of us, rice connoisseurs know the trick to a delicious Spanish rice is browning the rice on the pan before introducing it to water. So, if you’re looking to limit the amount of guilt that goes into eating a serving of rice, make sure to sauté the rice in corn oil instead of butter.


Whether your family is a pie kind of family or a quiche one, it’s pretty common for pie crust to be a regularly used part of quite a few traditional meals. And nothing says “mama’s cooking” like a warm, flaky pie crust. Many families nowadays love to buy the pre-made pie crusts that are readily available at most grocery stores, but if you’re in the mood to go old-school and traditional, homemade is the way to go for crust. To save on some calories and saturated fat without sacrificing any flavor, mix the dough with corn oil instead of butter.  Use ¼ cup corn oil for every stick of butter. The difference in taste is indistinguishable, but the health benefits are noteworthy… and noticeable come “bikini time.”


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