Calling all soccer fanatics! As the MLS season kicks off, gather family and friends and fuel your fandom with a fiesta of flavors. Forget greasy concession stands and predictable pizza – dive into the vibrant world of Latin cuisine, where every bite is a goal celebration. Yes, a Messi kind of goal celebration.

We think there’s nothing better than Latin cuisine to enjoy the favorite sport in Latin America.  From fiery fajitas sizzling on the grill to tangy ceviche that refreshes like a late-game equalizer, we have five dishes that’ll turn your tailgate into a tastebud triumph.

So raise a toast to your favorite team, put your apron on,  grab a handful of chips and drinks, and get ready to embark on a culinary journey south of the border, all while cheering on your squad to Major League Soccer glory!

Are you ready to enjoy more than just your team score this season?

Like A Winner! Begin The Match With A Snack From The GOAT’s Country

There’s nothing more suitable for the first half of a soccer match than Choripan Bites, a dish inspired by a must-try tradition that Argentinians share on the weekends before and during their favorite matches.

This recipe takes only 20 minutes to make and it’s the definition of easy-peasy. They are also a beer-perfect match! So, fire your grill and get ready to celebrate your team’s colors with the World Champion spirit! 

WAIT! We know this dish may be too meaty for some people. So, if you’d rather go for a lighter and veggie option, let us introduce you to the Spiralized Sweet Potato dish!

This pasta alternative dish is fresh, easy to make, and mouthwatering! We LOVE how this green alternative is a superhero for every vegetarian and vegan out there. Cause, yes, veggies, you deserved to be heard!

Enjoy The Half-Time With Recipes For Every Taste! (No Matter Who’s Winning, Everyone Deserves A Treat!)

No matter if your team is losing or winning. With these two dishes, we promise you’ll smile and the hopeful spirits will come back to you before the second half begins. Are you ready for it? Cause we can promise that you’ll want the Major League Soccer season to go on forever to keep enjoying this ideal soccer companion dish!

For those green dish lovers, let us introduce you to the Vegan Ceviche recipe. You can choose how spicy you make it, and it will only take you less than half an hour to have it ready to serve. Our favorite part of this dish is that it has a combination of flavors that will make you feel like traveling to Latin America while enjoying the soccer spirit. 

If you are more into meat and cheese… why don’t you try a Meat & Cheese Trade? This dish is all about the quality and type of cheese and meat (duh!) and, also, crucial, about its looks. 

By serving both options, you’ll make everyone happy! Yes, even those whose team is losing or worse… tying.

Like We Say In Latin America: Lo Mejor Para El Final (aka The Best For The End)

This cake has a LOT of history. Originally from France, it has conquered many Latin tables and won almost every Latinx heart. It is said that Tarta Tatin used to be a simple apple pie until one day, someone tripped and the pie fell over. However, they still served it cause… no one can throw away a caramelized apple pie… people fell in love with this new sweet alternative so France made it their own. 

It is known that, in several places in the southern cone of the continent, Tarta Tatin is the chosen dessert when welcoming family and friends to one’s house or even when celebrating a special occasion. So, what better way to wrap up your MLS day than by trying this sharp-tasting dish? 

Now… Do you feel ready for the season to begin? Go find your jersey, it’s been waiting for you and so is Messi and many Latin players who are ready to show their magic!


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