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The new decade is here and January is already in the books. Are you starting February in “trial month” mode (again) with a TBD on those goals? Yes? No, maybe so.

Don’t despair because in 2020 we’re going to help you skip extravagant lunches to save money for the things that really matter to you. Want to know how? Drumroll please …

Yep, you guessed it. Meal-prepping but don’t get frightened just yet because this time around we’ve partnered with our friends at Mazola to give you quick tips that will prep you to work smarter, not harder. Screenshot this list and keep it handy because preppin’ ain’t easy but it can be easier.

Meal-Prep Containers

Whether they’re cardboard, plastic or glass, reusable or not containers will help you assemble your meals and ensure you have proper portions. We recommend having a variety of them with compartments so you can separate your protein, veggies, greens, carbs, etc.

Slow Cooker

This miracle worker literally lets you toss in fresh ingredients for a real meal and walk away after hitting a switch. No joke. We recommend a programmable one so you can set a specified amount of cooking time and then it will automatically turn off and shift to “warm” mode when it’s done.


hand blender - Cocina

ingredients for cooking lentil salad on a marble chopping board. branch of olive tree and hand blender

Use this handy (pun intended) alternative to make soups, dips and sauces while reducing the cleaning time.

Chef’s Knife

With all that chopping you will need this multi-purpose knife that can slice and dice just about anything. Careful!

Cast Iron Skillet

cast iron - Cocina

One-pot chicken fillet and orzo pasta with red bell peppers and feta cheese, cooked with garlic, paprika and olive oil. Cast-iron skillet and fresh tomatoes on wooden table.

This beauty can go from stovetop to oven and can last for years. We recommend a larger sized one so you can cook large amounts of meats, fish, etc. in one sitting.

Sheet Pans

Having at least one of these will help you can whip up a workweek’s worth of roasted veggies. Just chop/marinade and assemble to ensure you do more with less. We recommend two!

Reusable Baking Mats

Line your sheet pans with this handy helper and save yourself from your meals sticking to the pan.


strainer 1 - Cocina

Blurred background. Modern kitchen with fresh vegetables on wooden tabletop, space for you and display products.

Make rinsing fruits and veggies a breeze so they’re ready to go each week.

One last tip, make sure your kitchen is always stocked with an essential cooking oil, like Mazola Corn Oil (wink, wink). It’s the perfect companion for your meal-prep must-haves and will help you cook delicious meals you’ll actually look forward to eating (even at your desk)!

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