Have you ever wondered about the impact that Hispanic culture has made in the United States? Yes, you may already know many Latin American descendants such as Camila Cabello, Jennifer Lopez, and Bruno Mars and yes, their art is making an impact in our daily lives, but there’s more to Hispanic culture than renowned stars. 

Throughout US history, Latinxs have come from all around the continent to embrace American culture and make their dreams come true. In the States, many Latin Americans have found second opportunities, everlasting relationships, love, and a place they can now call home. In their luggage, Latinxs didn’t only bring expectations but a piece of their land to remember where they came from and pass on to the generations to come. 

Hispanics made up 19% of the US population. According to the Census Bureau, there were roughly 63.7 million Hispanics in the US as of 2022. So, Hispanic Heritage Month not only celebrates the independence days of several Latin American countries but also gives US and Spanish-speaking Latinx citizens the chance to recognize and appreciate the impact that Latinx culture has made. From science and the arts to politics and sports, Hispanic Americans have played vital roles in shaping the nation’s identity.

This month serves as a chance to educate and allow people of all backgrounds to learn about the various cultures, traditions, and plates that make up this outstanding community. 

Immerse And Learn About Hispanic Traditions Even If You’re Not Hispanic American Yourself

As we mentioned, there are MANY ways in which Latinxs have enriched the US. Through overcoming many challenges to building their own businesses, we have made a great impact and — throughout that journey — also inspired recipes, opened dialogues, and learned to live among people who have different cultures and customs. 

So, how can you immerse yourself in this celebration and celebrate Latin America if you’re not part of the community yourself? 

The memories and the heritage of this culture are alive and present in the United States, thanks to the immigrants who have come, and shared their stories, recipes, experiences, and secrets. This month is a great opportunity to cherish those memories and stories shared by Hispanic and Latinx friends and family members. 

Be an active listener, and learn about their heritage, struggles, and triumphs. 

Listening to their personal experiences, learning about their heritage, and understanding their struggles and triumphs can be incredibly enlightening. Exchanging points of view, meaningful episodes, and trying to understand how Latinxs live in the US, is an amazing chance to appreciate the resilience, creativity, and rich history of their communities.

It is not cultural appropriation to attend an event and participate in activities that you are invited to. 

Do not be afraid to attend local events, learn to dance to the rhythms of salsa and merengue, or eat a delicious taco or empanada. These activities foster cultural exchange and understanding, helping to break down barriers and strengthen the bonds between different communities.

Yes! Try ALL the food you can and challenge yourself by googling how to pronounce its name correctly. You’ll not only learn a different way to combine flavors but also new words!

Indulging in Latin America’s mouthwatering cuisine is one of our favorite ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and its culture!! From savory tamales to sweet churros, Latin American cuisines offer a wide array of flavors that will make you travel from the Caribbean beaches to the Patagonian mountains. 

Food is a great way to bring people together, and there’s no one who knows it better than Latinx. We have numerous traditions to be shared around food since for this community it is not only about the flavors, recipes, and secrets that you share but also the stories and traditions that are passed down. From abuelas’ recipes to sobremesa, there is a lot you can learn while sitting with Latin American friends. 

Many Ways to Get Involved with Hispanic Heritage Month 

If you are feeling eager to celebrate this month in a respectful and educational way, here is a list of activities that will help you to embrace and learn from Latin American traditions:

  • Attending cultural events, such as festivals, concerts, and art exhibits.
  • Reading books and articles about Hispanic history and culture.
  • Learning Spanish or even more so, taking a chance at a pre-Hispanic language.
  • Supporting Hispanic-owned businesses.
  • Volunteering with Hispanic organizations.
  • Cook Latin recipes

Did you know…There are over 60,800 restaurants with a South & Central American/Caribbean Menu Type in the United States. We invite you to try to explore those who are small businesses owned by families or friends. We bet you’ll find a great opportunity to talk about their experience, lives, and traditions. 

“El Ingrediente Secreto”: Build Your Own Narrative

Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration and an invitation to embrace diversity, foster unity, and understand and see the many contributions that Latin Americans have made and still make in the United States. 

Is that all? Not for us. 

This is a great month to remember and to build your own narrative, too. Explore where your family comes from, try to learn words from the countries they’ve come from, their recipes, and traditions, ask questions, and build your own traditions to pass down to your loved ones. 

“El Ingrediente Secreto” is Spanish for “the secret ingredient”. For us, el ingrediente secreto can be something extra you add to a recipe (an extra spoon of cinnamon) or something else that’s shared, a story you tell while making homemade ravioli. We invite you to try to guess the secret ingredient that Latin cuisines hold but also to find your own. 

The United States was formed thanks to immigrants from all around the world. They’ve found (and still find) a new opportunity in this land. Thanks to that, we can celebrate and embrace cultures and backgrounds from all over the world. We can exchange stories and recipes. Mix dishes and traditions. And pass down el ingrediente secreto for our heritage to be remembered. 


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