In the craft beer world, it’s not so secret that producers across the globe often recommend a good food pairing that may help highlight the characteristics of the beer they make, accompanying it with a suitable appetizer that doesn’t hide the delicious notes of each style and takes them to a new level. 

As a huge beer lover myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many varieties of beer to try out… and just as many appetizers to pair with them (in Spanish: pasabocas, picada, botanas). And they can be more important than what you may imagine!

In fact, in your beer-tasting adventures, you may have already been heavily influenced when trying a particular beer style by the food that you paired it with… and not even realized it. So in order to get the best out of future beer experiences, let us share our top tips on beer and food pairing. After all, here at COCINA we are experts in the gastronomic field!

What appetizer goes best with each style of beer? 

Lager and Blonde Ales 

Within the category of lagers and blond ales we can find Pilsner, Kolsch, Pale Lager, Pale Ale, Golden Ale and Belgian Blond Ale. These are usually really light and soft beers that leave you with a feeling of freshness right after the first sip. They’re my go-to for spring and summer’s evenings when I want to have a me-time moment after work.

This style of beers go well with salty foods since they are refreshing enough to quench the thirst that comes with eating a delicious salted snack.

In general, the best appetizers for this type of beer are potato, yuca, or sweet potato chips. Hot tip! Potatoes (boiled or fried) with some spicy sauce will take your flavors mixing game to a new level.

Check out the amazing recipes we have for this category!

Spicy Yuca Fries


Patatas Bravas

If you are looking for an amazing lager to try, then check out Del Cielo Brewery Co., a Latin-owned brewery in LA that also takes online orders! 

Red Ales

The red ales include varieties such as the American Amber Ale, Irish Red Ale, Scottish Ale, British Strong Ale, Barleywine, California Common, American Strong Ale, and the Belgian Dubbel.

Originally from Scotland, red ales have been among us for centuries. Distinguished by their elaboration in which malt, barley and its ruby color predominate. They’re also widely known for their fruity aromas.

The taste of this style of beers is rather sweet, so the best appetizers for them are fried food such as empanadas, arepas, croquettes, and also chicken wings, strong cheese boards with gorgonzola brie and goat cheese, and grilled meats.

Our favorite options to enjoy with a red ale? These fully flavored recipes!

Fried Brie with Greens

Crab Meat Croquetas

Meat and Cheese Tray

If you’re looking for a light ale to try, check out Brewjeria Company, a Latino-owned brewery located in LA that also takes online orders! Another great Latin-owned brewery in Pasadena, CA is Cerveceria del Pueblo

Darker Ales

The most common and popular darker ales are: Porter, Imperial Stout, Cream Stout, Bock and Schwarzbier.

This style of beer is one of the most interesting to combine with a wide variety of foods, thanks to its degree of complexity and flavor in the mouth. It is a strong and powerful beer, with a smoky flavor that immediately activates the taste buds, considering that it is very aromatic and even works well to make sauces with it.

I love to drink them when eating grilled meats and German-style sausages. Anything with barbecue sauce (whether fried potatoes, ribs or even burgers) also goes amazingly well with this beer.

Our recommendations!

Pulled Pork Arepas

Adobo BBQ Sliders

Braised Pork Shoulder Tacos

Casa Humilde Brewery offers an amazing Coffee Porter and also an Imperial Stout that you’ll definitely love. They are also a Latin-owned brand located in Chicago, but you can order online and get your favorite beer at home! 

Now that you know the big three of the beer world, it is up to you to decide which is your favorite!


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