Classic guacamole is perfect as is but if you are looking to get crazy with it, we’ve collected a few of our favorite variations that highlight guacamole in all its various forms. While the basic ingredients of guacamole remain written in stone (avocado, lemon, salt, tomato, onion, pepper), creative chefs and home cooks have added their own personal touches to concoct delectable dips the don’t step on guacamole’s storied roots.

Here are 5 healthy, tasty, and easy ways to prepare guacamole.

1 | Pumpkin Seed Guacamole

guacamole pepitas min - Cocina

Pepitas, or dry roasted pumpkin seeds, are a key ingredient in many Mexican sauces. It is also a popular snack all around Mexico when it is dry-toasted and salted. It makes sense that pumpkin seeds and avocado both taste great when mashed together. It gives guacamole an even nuttier and richer bite.

The pumpkin seeds can be mixed in with the guacamole to give it a bit of an unexpected crunch, or simply sprinkled on top as a presentation finisher.

2 | Guacamole with Ginger and Honey Spread

guacamole min 1 - Cocina

This Asian-inspired version of guacamole adds the sweetness of honey and the fresh, herbal finish of ginger for a fusion of east and west that will blow your mind. This preparation does without the tomato, onion, and chili peppers for fear of overwhelming the palate with too many contradicting flavor profiles.

However, the result is dramatic, and best served spread on a cracker or piece of toasted bread. Never has avocado toast been so memorable. Orange peel or zest works great as a garnish, adding a bright bit of color to the ensemble.

3 | Spicy Chipotle Guacamole

guac min - Cocina

Here’s a version of guacamole that doesn’t stray too far from the source material, and if you’re looking to upgrade the spice profile of your personal brand, this is a game-changer. Chipotle doesn’t only add heat, though, they are smoky, sweet, and will have people talking about your guacamole for weeks to come.

Simply chop up some chipotle chiles, and mix in with your traditional guacamole recipe. Feel free to top the finished dip with a few more finely chopped chiles and maybe even a dollop of sour cream to help cool things down if you need it.

4 | Guacamole California Style

california guac min - Cocina

Named after the state that grows more avocados than any other in the US, the California-style guacamole is a show-stopper. The centerpieces of this version of guacamole are garlic, cumin, and Anaheim chiles. It might not sound like much of an upgrade, but those three ingredients will take your guacamole places you barely knew existed.

California is certainly quick to add its name to popular food groups (burritos, sushi rolls, pizza companies), but this is a worthwhile twist on a culinary classic you shouldn’t knock until you try.

5 | Bacon Guacamole

gucamole bacon min - Cocina

If the pictures of the bacon-guacamole sandwiches make your mouth water, you’re not alone, my friend. There are few things that bacon doesn’t go well with, but as long and distinguished as that list is, guacamole might be at the top of it. There’s something about the smoky, salty, fatty presence of pork belly that mixes perfectly with the softer, more delicate flavors of guacamole.

There are no real secrets here—simply pair your favorite guacamole recipe with a few pieces of pan-fried bacon and set your belly free.



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