Father’s Day is around the corner, and you are probably wondering what to give to your beloved dad. Nothing seems good enough. You come up with a few things, but you don’t feel like any of them really say “I love you”. Let me help you out…

In my personal experience with my Latino dad, material things have never made an impact. Then I had an Ah-Ha moment. While it may seem obvious, I finally realized that experiences are far better than any material gift. Don’t stress! It can be anything – from a delicious homemade dinner or a visit to his favorite place in the city, to a fun day with his loved ones. The options are endless, and they are all beautiful.

But if you have the opportunity, I can tell you with 100% certainty that gifting him a beautiful trip is the perfect option. Think about it: when was the last time your dad really took a break? We already know the motto of all Latino parents: resting and relaxing = wasting time. (And if it’s not a reality this year, then feel free to put the options on a Dream Board for later.)

Depending on your dad’s personality, you can decide if you prefer to offer him a relaxing experience, an adventure trip, or more luxurious travel where he can enjoy activities that are not normally included in his daily routine.

Lucky for you, America has no shortage of incredible places. This beautiful continent offers options for all preferences and budgets. Since there are so many destinations to visit, we wanted to make your life easier by selecting 10 places to take your dad as a Father’s Day gift, according to different travel preferences.

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador: for your active and sporty dad

The Galapagos offer plenty of options because it’s a place that perfectly combines fauna and flora, incredible landscapes, paradisiacal beaches, and many opportunities for adventure tourism.

Some of the most exciting activities at the ocean are sea kayaking, diving to enjoy its Marine Reserve (where you can see sea lions, sharks, turtles, coral reefs, and even whales), snorkeling, surfing, and whale watching.

If your dad prefers mountain or beach activities, there are so many incredible ones, such as hiking, cycling, or touring the best beaches in the area, such as Bahía Tortuga, as well as knowing the tourist points of interest.

nathalie marquis Tw4m2 BEY2A unsplash - Cocina
Galápagos Island by Nathalie Marquis via Unsplash

Canadian Rockies, Canada: the favorite of a hiker dad

This trip is perfect for sports, hiking, and nature lovers. The landscapes that this area offers mix mountains, impressive lakes, wild animals, natural rivers, and glaciers. You can leave and return from Vancouver, but you can choose the best-fitting schedule according to your dad’s needs.

There are many natural parks, such as Banff National Park, Well Gray Provincial Park, Jasper National Park, Yoho and finally Glacier National Park.

If the trip occurs during the winter season, in addition to hiking, kayaking in the lakes, and climbing, you can also ski!

dimitar donovski yrjB4dYWUZU unsplash - Cocina
Canadian Rockies by Dimitar Donovski via Unsplash

Universal Studios Orlando, United States: for dads who are theme park fans

If your dad is a theme park fan and, above all, a Harry Potter fan, this is undoubtedly the place he should visit. Universal Studios is dedicated to movies, and is divided into two zones: Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

Undoubtedly, the greatest tourist attraction at Universal Studios is the one related to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and even the Hogwarts train and the school itself are recreated. It has other attractions related to the worlds of The Simpsons, Jurassic Park, Men in Black, and the Minions.

This could be a short weekend trip, and we assure you it is full of fun for all ages!

aditya vyas kBkjgAeT5r4 unsplash - Cocina
Orlando Universal Studios by Aditya Vyas via Unsplash

Cusco and Machu Picchu, Peru: for history lovers’ dads

If your dad likes to visit places full of history and authenticity, this is the trip you should organize for him-

Peru is one of the most popular destinations in South America. Here you will find Inca ruins, historic cities, the incredible nature of the Amazon, landscapes that include deserts, beaches, or jungles, and exquisite Peruvian cuisine.

Machu Picchu is one of the “must visits” alongside Cuzco, a city declared a “World Heritage Site” and one of the most beautiful in Peru. Its tourist spots are the Plaza de Armas, the San Blas neighborhood, Sacsayhuamán and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, which, although a bit remote, is worth visiting.

Other points of interest are the Peruvian Amazon, Paracas National Reserve, the Ballestas Islands, the city of Arequipa, and the Huacachina Oasis. 

willian justen de vasconcellos 4hMET7vYTAQ unsplash - Cocina
Machu Picchu by Willian Justen via Unsplash

Camping Mather Campground, Arizona: for nature-loving dads

This place is ideal for dads who enjoy camping and being in contact with nature. It is located south of the incredible Grand Canyon National Park, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and is the only one in the area. The facilities are large and offer all kinds of amenities. It has panoramic viewpoints, nearby trails to explore the park, and paths for cycling. Its spectacular landscape and its surroundings attract more than five million visitors each year.

 The weather varies a lot, so it is recommended to be prepared and bring all kinds of clothing. 

joe eitzen 32b4QMBZke0 unsplash - Cocina
Arizona Landscapes by Joe Eitzen via Unsplash

Camping at Silver Salmon Creek Lodge, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska: for camping experienced dads

Silver Salmon Creek offers its visitors a unique experience in the middle of Lake Clark National Park. This place offers personalized tours and activities that range from brown bear and bird watching to learning how to fish for wild salmon, sea kayaking, or boat tours.

It has an area of tents that can accommodate groups of up to six people. What this type of accommodation offers is the opportunity to enjoy the wildest and most remote nature of Alaska.

Plan Your Visit Index Page 1200w Kayak on Upper Twin 4 - Cocina
Kayaking in Lake Clark National Park by Kent Miller for NPS Photo

San José, Costa Rica: for adventurous dads

Costa Rica’s capital city is not as visited as other parts of the country, but it has many tourist spots such as Amón, the Spirogyra Butterfly Garden, and the incredible Tortuguero National Park.

The most famous places in Costa Rica are the Poás or Arenal volcanoes. For lovers of strong emotions, the “must visit” is Monteverde, one of the most impressive ecosystems in Costa Rica, where you can do bungee jumping and zip lines. Others must see are Cahuíta, a perfect natural environment for hiking, and the Cocos Islands, a perfect place for diving and snorkeling. 

eelco bohtlingk x2Dwb97kQ9c unsplash - Cocina
San José Landscapes by Eeleco Bohtlingk via Unsplash

The Bahamas, Bahamas: for dads who enjoy luxury

It is one of the most incredible places on the planet. Trust me, I was there. It has white-sand beaches and totally transparent turquoise waters. Your dad will have the time of his life.

The Bahamas are composed of more than 700 islands, and they have some notable tourist attractions.

Nassau is the capital and is located in New Providence. The best places to be in Nassau are Bay Street and Adventure Island. Grand Bahama is the second-most touristic place in the archipelago and perfectly combines beaches and landscapes with incredible all-inclusive hotels.

allen dewberry jr XjKiG46fkQI unsplash - Cocina
Paradise Island in Nassau by Allen Dewberry via Unsplash

Miami, Florida: for beach lovers’ dads

In Miami City, in addition to the luxury mansions of artists and actors from around the world, you will find a cosmopolitan and carefree atmosphere, as well as all of South Beach’s wonderful beaches and nightlife.

Other Miami main attractions are the outlet malls, where your dad can purchase low-priced clothing or technology. The most famous ones are the Aventura Mall, Dolphin Mall, and Sawgrass Mills Mall.

The best thing about Miami is that you can choose between luxurious or more relaxed accommodations and experiences for your dad. Don’t forget to read our guide to Latin experiences to live in Miami for less than $50!

steven gerstmeyr 5gutfsMll7U unsplash - Cocina
Miami Beach by Steven Gerstmeyr via Unsplash

New York City, New York: for cosmopolitan dads

Without a doubt, a must-see in America, and the typical destination you think of when imagining a vacation in the United States, is New York City.

The Big Apple has many things to see, but these are some of its essentials: the Empire State observation deck, Top of the Rock, the Statue of Liberty, the MOMA and MET museums, watching a basketball game at Madison Square Garden, and, of course, a walk through Manhattan. Of course, you can’t miss Times Square, Central Park, Brooklyn, Harlem, and the Financial District, famous for being the setting for many movies.

If your dad prefers a more personalized experience and not a “mainstream” one, you can read our guide to Latin experiences in NYC for less than $20!

emiliano bar kheTI8pIywU unsplash - Cocina
New York City Landscape by Emiliano Bar via Unsplash

We gave you fun options; now it is up to you to decide where you are taking your Latino dad as a Father’s Day gift!


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