Feeling adventurous? Let’s explore Latin traditions!

Palm Crosses (popular in various Latin countries)

palm cross - Cocina

Capirote (mostly used in Spain)

Cascarones (you’ll probably find most of these confetti eggs in Mexico or Latin neighbors in the US!)

Easter BreadS (yes, plural, cause there are many different recipes around the continent)

ham bread venezuelan - Cocina

Rosca de Pascua

3 Ways To Celebrate Easter Like a Proud Latinx

  • Semana Santa (Holy Week): Many cities and towns host elaborate processions featuring religious statues and participants in traditional attire.
  • Easter Vigils: Church services on the eve of Easter Sunday are often particularly vibrant and celebratory.
  • Family Gatherings: Easter is a time for coming together; big feasts with traditional foods are central to celebrations.

Cashew Crema

A simple and delicious vegan alternative to sour cream, you'll want to spread it on everything!


Pan de Muerto

Bake a traditional Pan de Muerto and fill your home with the enticing aroma of freshly baked spiced bread on Dia de Muertos.

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