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Your friends must be surprised because you have become quite the expert chef in the kitchen! What they don’t know is that you are excited to create new dishes and spend more time cooking ever since the Royal Prestige pots, pans and other cookware arrived in your home. If you are ready to share the secret, how about organizing a social gathering where everyone can cook together? What a great opportunity to not only share delicious food, but also the experience of cooking using high-quality kitchen products.

What time of day should you organize your event?

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There are four main times during the day to show off your skills in the kitchen to your friends. Choose the one that is the most comfortable to you, since organizing a get-together can take some planning and preparation.

Many people prefer to do this kind of activities in the morning, since they feel more energetic and are ready to start the day with a hearty, healthy, and delicious breakfast… and of course, a cup of coffee.

Imagine preparing a delicious breakfast for your guests of scrambled eggs and avocado toast, or maybe some tasty quesadillas using your Double Griddle. You can prepare everything at the same time thanks to the uniform heat distribution, which allows you to cook your food more easily.

If you prefer a lunchtime gathering, you can use the 10-piece Family Cooking System, where you’ll have pots of all sizes to prepare succulent dishes such as pasta, soup, or rice dishes. Whatever dish you choose to prepare in our pots and pans, your food will retain its nutrients better, thanks to the advanced cooking method by Royal Prestige®, which allows you to enjoy healthier and more delicious meals.

If you work during the mornings, the afternoon is another perfect time to relax and get together with your friends. It would be fun and enjoyable to organize an afternoon tea, for which you can use your Stainless-Steel Warmers, specially designed to heat liquids at high temperatures. Grilled cheese sandwiches or pancakes will go perfect with your afternoon tea, make sure to make them in your Square Griddle perfect for those foods.   

Do you prefer to host your party at night? How about surprising your friends with a delicious paella for dinner? Impress everyone as you finally prepare the perfect paella using your Paella Pan with Cover and Redi-Temp® Valve. This valve alerts you when you have reached the temperature that will best facilitate your job when cooking.

The time has come to surprise your friends!

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All Royal Prestige cookware products are designed for both traditional kitchens and more modern kitchens with Induction Grills. Surprise your guests and show them the secret behind those new dishes, which your family cannot stop talking about.

Baking pots and pans: The handles of all the pots and pans of the Royal Prestige Cooking Systems are heat-resistant. You can demonstrate your cooking technique by sautéing some vegetables on the stove, and then to add a delicious touch, placing the pan in the oven to gratin.

Cooking meat and vegetables in their own juices: Show your friends who are interested in a healthy lifestyle. A low-fat diet is a healthy way to feed your family. With that in mind, Royal Prestige® NOVEL®, with its unique cooking method, let you cook most types of meats, poultry and some types of fish without any added grease, fat or cooking oil. It is also designed to cook fresh and frozen vegetables (and some fruits) with very little added water.

Colors that match your kitchen: Tell your friends that you no longer spend hours putting together “the perfect kitchen” on Pinterest because you achieved the style and look that you were looking for
because your new pots and pans come with colored rings that now add a special touch to your kitchen.

Promoting healthy eating is caring for your loved ones

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At your party, you might like to share some information about healthy food with your friends, so you can show them how much you care about them and the importance of eating a healthy diet.

For example, did you know that to avoid unhealthy weight gain, total fat should not exceed 30% of total energy?

Also, reducing salt intake to less than 5 grams per day is also very important, since it contains high amounts of sodium which, together with insufficient potassium, can cause high blood pressure. This may increase the risk of stroke and coronary artery disease. To replace salt in your cooking, you can opt for spices and fresh herbs, which will provide layers of flavor to your meals so that you won’t even miss the salt!

One of the healthiest culinary practices is to prepare your own food using fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, instead of processed products. A good cookware system, like what Royal Prestige offers, will help you achieve this more easily, saving you time and money.

Now, it is time to plan this culinary gathering with friends. Tell us how it went!


-Double griddle

10 piece Family Cooking System

½-quart Butter Warmer

 1 quarter Milk Warmer

-Square Griddle

-Paella pans


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