February 25th
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Your COCINA curated weekly round-up of 5 in-the-know
Latin food and lifestyle links. Vamos!

It’s always been our mission at COCINA to uplift Hispanic culture and create stories that drive connection. We’re taking that promise one step further with a newsletter. If the New York Times shares “All The News That’s Fit To Print”, we’re here with “All The Links Your In-the-Know Primo Shared In The Whatsapp Group Chat”. The goal: to celebrate all things Latino food, lifestyle, and identity while digesting the week.

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Life changing cooking hacks

Life changing cooking tips from a Masterchef. Hint: first name Aarón [link]
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Latinos Uplifting Latinos

J Balvin is teaming up with this brand to create “J Balvin’s Tab” – donating up to $150k to Latino business owners in the US to create “a financial support system for small businesses that advance racial, gender, and economic justice for all.”

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Shakira keeps reclaiming “jam” – this time with Karol G. And the internet has strong thoughts about the Latin Grammy collabing with a new country, moving here😳

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Seafood recipes if you are observing


COCINA’s inbox has been flooded with requests for seafood recipes to get the community who is observing through Lent (and all year long!). You ask. We deliver!

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National Margarita Day turns… week

National Margarita Day was this week… and we believe it’s worth celebrating all week. Here are some fresh, Latin inspired takes on the crowd pleasing classic.

Calabacitas Salad

Look no further than this easy zucchini salad recipe for a healthy lunch or dinner. Simple but timeless!


Easter Chocolate Egg Cupcakes

Celebrate Easter baking these mouthwatering chocolate cupcakes with a hidden surprise!

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