as 2 - Cocina

Photo by Romney Caruso


1/  New York or LA?

New York

2/   You have a date night coming up… what do you make to knock her socks off?

Ceviche and a mole dish

3/   It’s Taco Tuesday! Beer or margarita?


4/   Best sushi you’ve ever had was where?

Morimoto in New York

5/   Super Bowl or World Cup?

Super Bowl

6/   Does any meal remind you of childhood? If so, what is it?


7/   Are you a beach guy or a pool guy?


8/   Favorite dessert?

Dulce de leche

9/  Most recent tattoo?

Just touch ups, I’ve run out of paper

10/  First tattoo?

Emiliano Zapata

11/  Dream vacation destination?


12/  You can only order off the kid’s menu… what’s your pick?

Whatever seafood option they have

13/  Biggie or Tupac?


14/  Unlimited budget, you can open a restaurant in any city in the world… what city do you choose?


15/  Soup or salad?


16/  Favorite ballpark snack?


17/  The Queen of England invites you to prepare a 3-course meal for her family… what’s for dinner?

Oh man, probably uni and caviar tostadas, pozole and filet mignon.

18/  Carbonara in Rome, fish tacos in Baja California, or Pad Thai in Bangkok?

Fish tacos

19/  What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Write poetry

20/  Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsay are dying to cater your wedding… who’s the chef of honor?

Chef Ramsay

21/  Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Rolling Stones

22/  Favorite arcade game?


23/  You can have dinner with anyone who’s passed away… who’s coming to dinner? 

My abuela or Mema as we called her

24/  Dinner with anyone living…?

Jay Z

25/  If you HAVE to stop at a fast food chain restaurant, where do you go? What do you order?

In n Out Burger, animal style

26/  Favorite Disney movie?


27/  Dog guy or cat guy?


28/  If you could teleport to any restaurant in the world for dinner tonight, where are you going?

Street food in Bangkok

29/  Favorite super hero? Why?

White Tiger (Hector Ayala), he was the first Latin superhero

30/  What’s your passion project?


31/  If you weren’t a chef, what would you be?

A mariachi singer



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