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People in the United States love to celebrate food. It speaks to the melting pot culture that established this country and continues a rich history of food from around the globe. There is no such thing as ‘American food,’ only cuisine that has been brought to this country and found a home amongst a population that like few things better than a good meal.

And because of that fact, there are a number of incredible food festivals around the country that center around the idea that, in this country, anything goes.

These 5 food festivals are absolute can’t miss attractions for locals and travelers. They represent the very best cuisine America has to offer, along with just about every cultural influence you can think of. If you’re considering a trip this year, think about revolving it around one of these great food events.

1 | Bite of Seattle

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There are a number of great outdoor festivals that take place in the Seattle Center in the shadow of the Space Needle. Non, however, are as enjoyable and tasty as the Bite of Seattle. The festival takes place in late July, the perfect time of year for the clouds to part in Seattle and event-goers to bask in sunshine and szechuan sauce.

There are few cultural cuisines that go unrepresented at the Bite of Seattle, which speaks to the diverse nature of the food scene in the city itself. It is meant to be a chance for restaurants in the city to get in front of the people and offer affordable options that showcase the best tastes their place of business can provide.


2 | Charleston Food and Wine Festival

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Charleston, South Carolina is America’s best kept secret. Well, it’s perhaps not so well kept anymore, as thousands of people are moving their each year for its weather, historical ambiance, and incredible food and drink scene.

The Food and Wine Festival is an event for locals and visitors to enjoy that food and drink scene while mingling with the people that makes Charleston so charming. It is a five-day foray, and showcases boths from local chefs, winemakers, and even authors. This festival is about food, but it’s also about the city and the region putting its best food forward for public consumption.


3 | Taste of Chicago

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When people think about food in the United States, Chicago is probably the first city they think of. It’s the crowning jewel of the midwest, and home to more world-famous restaurants and bars than even New York City. The Taste of Chicago is just that – a sampling of some of the best food and drink one of the best food and drink cities has to offer.

Not only will you taste great food, you’ll also have access to a number of live music acts that create an environment and experience that is simply unforgettable. It turns out deep dish pizza is even better when consumed under the sun with live music dancing through the air.


4 | Latin Food Fest

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Gran Tasting Los Angeles is an all-inclusive Hispanic food, wine and spirits tasting journey to the Caribbean, Central and South America, Mexico, Portugal and Spain, which takes place Saturday, March 24 at the beach in Santa Monica. Admission includes all food, wine, beer and spirits, live music performances, cooking demonstrations and so much more.


5 | New Orleans Wine and Food Experience

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For as much praise as New Orleans gets for being a top food city in the world, it still doesn’t attract the attention it deserves. There’s something about the food in New Orleans that feels like it was pulled from the heart and soul of the person that prepared it. It’s an intangible quality that can’t easily be put into words.

The New Orleans Wine and Food Experience epitomizes that mindset, and sends visitors through a whirlwind of an adventure into the center of cuisine, culture, music, and debauchery. Be sure to drink plenty of water and don’t forget the aspirin, because chances are you won’t be leaving this festival sober.



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